Obama's Last Keg-Stand: Thank You, Colorado
These "Bro-surance" ads first surfaced three weeks ago, under the auspices of The Colorado Consumer Health Inititative and ProgressNow Colorado to bring attention to their website. Please excuse me -- I'm going to bro-mit.» 14 Comments
Born Free: The Jeep Cherokee Edition
This new 60-second commercial reintroduces the born-again Jeep Cherokee with the tagline "Built free." And just as in the movie "Born Free" with Elsa and her cubs, the spot, called "Manifesto," is filled with images of birth, newness, and freedom in nature: muddy trails, open skies, little boys swimming, jumping and showing their muscles.» 14 Comments
Banksy Works Up A Lather, And Repeats
"Talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among nonconformists, dissenters, and rebels." -- David Ogilvy. Though we can't know what the great D.O. might have thought of street artist/media provocateur Banksy, I think we have a pretty good idea of what the still-anonymous Banksy would think of David Ogilvy.» 15 Comments
The 3% Solution
"It's not that we are women. It's that we are not men, we are the other," said Cindy Gallop, founder of IfWeRanTheWorld.com, speaking of the agency world, and firing up the audience, 400-women strong, at the 3% Conference last week in San Francisco.» 10 Comments
DeVine Interventions
Let's talk about Vines. Not the sub-Twizzler variety of licorice candy sold in bulk at warehouse stores - although they too are delicious, in an underdoggish, Hydrox vs. Oreo way. Nope, I mean Vine, the year-old, six-second video-clip-sharing system now owned by Twitter.» 1 Comments
The Non-Marketing Of Obamacare
My original intention was to write a column about the marketing of Obamacare to millennial youths. Indeed, up until last week, it seemed to be the big story, since the economic well-being of the Affordable Health Care Act itself rests on enough young, healthy people signing up. The theory is that this cadre of "Young Invincibles" in turn would subsidize the cost of insuring the mass of older, sicker Americans. (Should we call them "Vanquished Elders?" Or just "frequent users"?)» 30 Comments
Doyle, Mork, & Bernbach
Last Tuesday, I caught the debut of "The Crazy Ones," the CBS sitcom created by David E Kelley, featuring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. There's definitely a tone problem with the show: violently uneven, the pilot swings from Williams' manic, razzmatazz riffs to "American Idol"-ish musical moments to scenes between a childlike, divorced father and his adult daughter/partner that become almost maudlin.» 20 Comments
Breaking Bad Vs. Breaking Down - Miley And Her Achy-Breaky Performance
We're on pins and needles here at the home office, sweating and jumping around, because this Sunday marks the end of "Breaking Bad." Yup -- a glorious example of the golden age of non-network TV, the violent, sprawling, hyper-brilliant Vince Gilligan production is the absolute video storytelling equivalent of the Great American Novel.» 6 Comments
Role Modeling The Way To 'Lean In'
"The issue is role models. You can't be what you can't see." That's a quotation from Cindy Gallop, an advertising entrepreneur who has lately made the issue of the ever-widening, or at least really-slow-to-close gender gap in the ad business her business.» 9 Comments
Dante's Afro: The Hair Apparent
"Go with the 'Fro!" screams the front-page headline of today's Daily News, announcing the winner of the New York City mayoral Democratic primary. It's Bill de Blasio, with 40% or so of the vote. It might seem insane to say that a head of hair, no matter how eye-catching or excellent, could win the mayoralty. But in this case, it's true. The 'fro knows.» 25 Comments
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