• Confirmation: The Smoking Gun Is Live!
    At first, I shied away from watching "Confirmation," the HBO docudrama about the 1991 Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas Supreme Court hearings. For the real thing, I remember being glued to the tube for a solid week, horrified and angry, and those feelings are still visceral.
  • Is 'The Real Thing' Still A Thing?
    It's always heartening to dig up some historical pop cultural artifact, not only to try to understand its significance at the time, but also to see what it has to say about our lives today. Or at least that's my official journalistic excuse for devoting a column to the topic of Coke's "Hilltop," the now 45-year-old, syrupy, award-winning, monster hit from McCann-Erickson.
  • Porn As A Prelude To Dating: Reading 'American Girls'
    Armed with a yellow highlighter, and determined to distill the important insights in this important, almost 400-page book, I dove into the recently published "American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives Of Teenagers" by Nancy Jo Sales. But I couldn't even get through the introduction without coloring almost all of the text.
  • Edifice Wrecks: The Single-Minded Determination Of Ivanka Trump
    Last week, I'd just seen the news that Ivanka Trump had given birth to her third child, a baby boy named Theodore James Kushner, on Easter day. Ivanka released a photo, looking like her very attractive, not overly made-up or coiffed self, in bed in a hospital gown, holding a swaddled, adorable newborn.
  • 'Do You Renounce Satan?' -- And Other Things Not Said At The 4A's Conference
    Do you remember the brilliant baptism scene at the end of "The Godfather"? "Do you renounce Satan?" the priest asks Michael from within the church at the end, as we see the blood-spattered corpses littered around town. He does. So forgive me for being overly dramatic, but I couldn't help but think of that scene as I monitored the live Twitter feed of the 4A's Transformation meeting that took place earlier this week in Miami.
  • Averting The Apocalypse: JWT's 'Rape Guy' Resigns
    WPP announced Thursday that J.W Thompson CEO Gustavo Martinez, who's enmeshed in an ongoing harassment suit, has resigned and will be replaced by Tamara Ingram. Hallelujah. In so doing, the holding company has come a long way, baby -- maybe about 60 years in 24 hours? Because its initial reaction was chillingly sexist and straight out of the Sterling Cooper playbook.
  • Carne Or Carney? Donald Trump And The Masses
    Sometimes, when politicians want to energize their followers -- or, to put it less diplomatically, to pander to their audiences -- they are said to throw "red meat" at the base. But leading Republican presidential contender Donald Trump does that on a much more literal basis.
  • Leaning In On The Load: A Great Leap For The Gender Cycle
    Last week I was sitting in the back of a cab when we hit a parking-lot-like traffic backup. There was obviously nowhere to move in real space, so I started scouring the deep space in my phone for stuff that I might have otherwise overlooked. In this category was an email that trumpeted "Sheryl Sandberg says this is one of the most powerful ads she's ever seen!" So I clicked on the link and started watching.
  • Morning Again And Again In America
    After his unfortunate robo-appearance at the last Republican debate, candidate Marco Rubio owned up to a poor showing and pledged to his supporters that such mistakes would never happen again. While it was certainly refreshing to hear a politician admit to his shortcomings, his statement also served as a lesson in what a candidate should never promise.
  • Anger, Bitterness, And The Beyonce Bump
    Hate, anger, division, bitterness -- leather? Just a few of the emotions and questions stirred up in the wake of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show.
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