• Carne Or Carney? Donald Trump And The Masses
    Sometimes, when politicians want to energize their followers -- or, to put it less diplomatically, to pander to their audiences -- they are said to throw "red meat" at the base. But leading Republican presidential contender Donald Trump does that on a much more literal basis.
  • Leaning In On The Load: A Great Leap For The Gender Cycle
    Last week I was sitting in the back of a cab when we hit a parking-lot-like traffic backup. There was obviously nowhere to move in real space, so I started scouring the deep space in my phone for stuff that I might have otherwise overlooked. In this category was an email that trumpeted "Sheryl Sandberg says this is one of the most powerful ads she's ever seen!" So I clicked on the link and started watching.
  • Morning Again And Again In America
    After his unfortunate robo-appearance at the last Republican debate, candidate Marco Rubio owned up to a poor showing and pledged to his supporters that such mistakes would never happen again. While it was certainly refreshing to hear a politician admit to his shortcomings, his statement also served as a lesson in what a candidate should never promise.
  • Anger, Bitterness, And The Beyonce Bump
    Hate, anger, division, bitterness -- leather? Just a few of the emotions and questions stirred up in the wake of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show.
  • Super Bowl Ads: The Glory, The Greatness, The Marilyns
    Back in 2010, BBDO, one of the foremost agency makers of Super Bowl spots, rejiggered the use of celebrity in a way that won the game for Snickers. So I was primed for more Snicker's "Hungry" greatness in this year's iteration.
  • Yo-Yo No Mas: Oprah & The Weight Wars
    Wednesday night, I spent an hour online with my new BFF, Oprah. Well, actually, she was connecting personally with me and the thousands of others listening in on the call that Weight Watchers orchestrated for members.
  • Star-Spangled Speaking: Sarah Palin, Unplugged
    An endorsement is a form of ad, of course. And no endorsement in the history of political discourse has been as mind-blowing as the one that Sarah Palin offered up for Trump on Tuesday. Dazzlingly erratic, it seemed to throw off the entire time/space continuum.
  • Ad Babylon: Bill Cosby Behind The Curtain
    I interviewed lots of people who offered behind-the-scenes stories about Cosby in advertising. Interestingly, two of these stories have to do with Cosby as a dad figure. They demonstrate his distressing bipolarity on the subject.
  • Trump TV Ad: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
    The king of free media has announced that his campaign will spend upwards of $2 million a week on TV ads, the first of which debuted earlier this week. I was shocked by this initial spot. For whatever reason, I didn't expect it to be so hate-filled and obviously demogogue-ish. Imagine if the ghosts of early Lee Atwater and Goebbels cobbled something together. Seems like someone's been brushing up on "Mein Kampf."
  • The Art Of The Deal, The Grift Of The Trump
    Before we go out on the "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!" bender, I wanted to do a little reflection on the year in advertising. Who am I kidding? Any reflection on 2015 turns into The Year in Trump.
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