• A Modest Proposal: Create Snapchat Counterinsurgence
    I have a very tiny and modest proposal: How about creating a digital ad industry army dedicated to creating content to counter ISIS' massive, global, social media efficiency?
  • The Last Word In Femvertising: The Pink Incredibilities Of Jane St.
    Frame-for-frame, joke-by-joke, it's probably the funniest thing buzzing around in adland: I refer to "Jane St.," the almost-four-minute video satirizing "Femvertising," the girl-power marketing trend.
  • Trump, Live From New York -- But Also Canned, From Iowa
    In a year in which the endless run-up to the presidential election has been all about the outliers, Donald Trump hosts "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, and again proves himself to be the King of Free Media.
  • Walk Softly In Skinny Jeans & Carry A Barbell: The New 'Donny!'
    I came to praise "Donny!" -- not bury him. But with this "alternative comedy," which comes from Left/Right, the same producers of "Odd Mom Out," he does an awfully good job of burying himself.
  • Barbie & 'Playboy': Both Busting Moves On The Internet Of Gendered Things
    So Playboy sheds the nudes just as Barbie gets a voice. Are these announcements connected? What do they mean for the culture?
  • If You Can't Handle The Truth: The Third Steve Jobs Movie
    Aaron Sorkin, the man responsible for the line "You can't handle the truth!" in "A Few Good Men," seems to live by that philosophy in his screenplay for "Steve Jobs" (which opens nationwide on Oct. 23). Although the film is based loosely on the Jobs-approved Walter Isaacson biography of the same name, Sorkin took substantial liberties in compressing the giant bestseller into a tidy narrative in three acts.
  • Griddle Me This: How Vast Is The McBreakfast Club?
    "Why, McDonald's, why?" That line was part of Stephen Colbert's fist-shaking opener during a recent "Late Night" show. The host's lament referred to the news that after testing it for six months in San Diego, McDonald's had officially started serving ALL DAY BREAKFAST in all its restaurants throughout America.In his unhappiness, Colbert seemed to be a party of one, while the announcement had practically cracked the Internet, which is unusual for anything corporate.
  • Weathering Advertising Week: Advertising For Good?
    "(Fill in the blank) is about to change everything," tended to be the rough title of about 30% of the panels during Advertising Week -- it's an industry in transition, after all! Still, lifting the lid on tough issues in a communal atmosphere can't hurt.
  • Clean Diesel, The Pope, And VW's Big Cheat
    Earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Agency broke news about a shocking corporate deception: that Volkswagen, the world's second-largest carmaker, deliberately rigged software for its diesel cars sold in the U.S. so they could pass tough emissions tests -- while, during normal driving conditions, actually emitting up to 40 times more pollution than legally allowed.
  • Battle Of The TV Republican Stars: Cage Match Division
    CNN's "Battle of the Network Star Republicans /Part Deux" turned out to be an unexpectedly long, and strange, political/pop cultural/TV mashup. So many flashes of this "debate" seemed to suggest other TV moments -- from sitcoms to reality programming -- that I'm just going to riff on all that the show suggested.
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