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Episode 13: Sit Down And Close The Door. The Pierre 8 Await!
"Damn it, Whitman, this is a cooperative!" the fellas in the 1930s "Grapes of Wrath" wardrobe yell at Don's father during another dreary, overly mannered "Mad Men" flashback set in that sad, oil-cloth-covered kitchen. And indeed, those are telling words. Because this Season 3 finale was all about Don finally learning to cooperate.» 0 Comments
Episode 12, 'The Grown-Ups': Two Shots Rang Out; Make Room for Daddy
This was a second-to-last installment that felt more like a shiver-inducing finale, with echoes of death -- and John F. Kennedy -- everywhere. And as Joan put it, there was "nothing funny about it."» 0 Comments