Tuesday, May 22, 2007
  • AT&T Prepares For iPhone Launch, Furthers Rebranding Efforts

    [Telecommunications] "Cingular was an amazing success story," one analyst says. "They did a great job of building that brand, but the marketplace is a different marketplace now, and the competition is changing. It makes sense to have a single, master brand." ...Read the whole story

  • NutraSweet Gets 'Swirl' Back, Plans Relaunch With Domino

    [Food] The sugar substitute will be spotlighted via a new integrated campaign this summer. The deal with American Sugar will share in marketing and handle distribution and includes a forthcoming line of sweeteners and sweetener/sugar blends. ...Read the whole story

  • Publix Effort Targets Harried Family Cooks

    [Retail] The Supermarket Guru says it's logical that the concept of meals-assembly would move into supermarkets "and then grow by leaps and bounds." It also offers supermarkets a way to win back the business they've been losing to fast-food, take-out and casual dining chains. ...Read the whole story

  • Canon Focuses On Off-Court Sharapova In Third Leg Of Campaign

    [Electronics] Whereas previously the company's ads leveraged Maria Sharapova's fame as a tennis star, the new ones look at her love for photography and her life as a dog owner. She appeals to a wide range of demographics, male and female, and she serves as a mentor to GenY and also to baby boomers. ...Read the whole story

  • KFC Puts Twist on Consumer-Generated Content In New Spot

    [Restaurants] For about a quarter of what it usually costs, the fast-chicken giant has a spot, which will air on tonight's "American Idol," that puts regular people on TV to "celebrate" its transition to zero trans fats. It's a wonder it took so long for someone to come up with this obvious strategy. ...Read the whole story

  • Successful IdeaStorm In Place, Dell Expands To Retail

    [Electronics] The computer giant will capitalize on customers who value an alternative to direct-to-consumer, says an analyst, who raves about IdeaStorm: "It's a technique that has two benefits: it solves perceptions issues about Dell's ability to listen to its customers, and it's pretty good marketing." ...Read the whole story