• Chrysler CMO Abandons Ship As It Navigates Roiling Seas

    [Automotive] "It's a bunker mentality there now," says an auto industry consultant. "In a sense, Chrysler has been 'hiding' from the Germans, and the Daimler folks are not terribly forthcoming anymore with support or assistance for Chrysler engineers. It's like the Vikings putting the dead body in the boat, lighting it on fire and shoving it out to sea." ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Pharma Spending Pattern Unrelated to Sales Goals

    [Pharmaceuticals] Companies must finely attune their marketing spend to their products' strengths and weaknesses while considering the reality of the marketplace in order to achieve a brand's full sales potential, says a research team leader. "First and foremost, there's no by-the-book formula that's going to guide any brand." ...Read the whole story

  • General Mills, Nickelodeon To Market Healthy Foods To Kids

    [Food] General Mills will use couponing and public relations to support its new national deal with Nickelodeon to license the latter's characters on packages of frozen and canned vegetables and fresh grapes, which will be sold nationwide beginning in late summer. ...Read the whole story

  • Hallmark Promos Father's Day Cards With Dance Contest

    [Retail] "Hallmark is used to making cards that move people in sentimental ways," says a company spokesperson. "But Dads aren't big on showing emotions, so we wanted to move him in a different way. Maybe we can get him from the recliner to the dance floor." ...Read the whole story

  • Chevy Hangin' On To Sponsorship Like A Tick To A Dawg's Ear

    [Automotive] The automaker says communications around its Country Music Association involvement, including advertising around this year's awards show on ABC, will be imbued with General Motors' corporate advertising for fuel economy and ethanol-capable vehicles. ...Read the whole story

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