• Industry Reaction To SCOTUS Retail Ruling Is Mixed

    [Retail] The Consumer Electronics Association says that since manufacturers of consumer electronics invest heavily in retail marketing themselves, they should be able to levy some influence upon retail prices. But the National Automobile Dealers Association says that "auto dealers, like all retailers, know their local markets best and should be free to set their own prices." ...Read the whole story

  • J.D. Power's APEAL Study Puts Honda At Top Of Heap

    [Automotive] Some vehicles manage to stay high on the list despite being longer in the tooth. "The poster child for that is Mustang," says the consultancy. Mustang's score has actually gotten better since last year, partly because Ford continually offers limited-edition models that "add another layer of adrenaline." ...Read the whole story

  • Plus-Size Apparel Chains Face Growing 'Invisible' Competition

    [Retail] There are major opportunities for all marketers of larger-size clothing in the undertapped teens and tweens markets, and Packaged Facts urges upscale brands to rethink their "hidden" agendas. "If marketers can overcome the idea that big body size should not be associated with their famous elegant brands, there is money to be made." ...Read the whole story

  • Got (More Than) Milk? Market Braces For Functional Foods

    [Beverages] CoroWise is also available in General Mills' Nature Valley Healthy Heart Chewy Granola Bars, Coca-Cola's Minute Maid Premium Heartwise orange juice (Coca-Cola), and Hain Celestial's Rice Dreams Heart Wise rice drink, as well as Orowheat Whole Grain & Oat bread, Vitatops muffin products and Lifetime Lowfat Cheese. ...Read the whole story

  • Verizon Positions Its Music Phone To Detract Attention From iPhone

    [Telecommunications] Cingular's competitors are desperately trying to make sure they aren't completely forgotten amidst the barrage of hype and media impression surrounding the iPhone's long-anticipated arrival in Cingular and Apple stores today. ...Read the whole story

  • Carat Forecast For Ad Spending Outpaces Universal's

    [Forecast] Though Carat reduced its U.S. ad forecast by one-tenth of a point to a growth rate of 5.1%, that's two points higher than the 3.1% forecast by Universal and is likely enough to keep U.S. ad spending at pace or ahead of U.S. GDP this year. ...Read the whole story

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