• Food Flies In Face Of Gift-Giving Decline

    [Trend] The segment is also being buoyed significantly by the overall growth in gourmet and organic foods. Gourmet/organic/specialty food gifts not only mean premium pricing but brand image enhancement and a profitable trial-use channel for reaching prospective customers: all excellent reasons for brands and retailers to do everything possible to feed the trend. ...Read the whole story

  • HP Ads Help Teens Take Control Of Parents' Minds

    [Electronics] The engaging viral campaign entertains young consumers with the idea that they can make their parents buy them what they want when they want it. What they don't realize, perhaps, is that they're also learning something about HP's product line and narrowing down the choices--helping their harried parents in the process. ...Read the whole story

  • Arby's, Nascar Racer To Give Away Fries Today

    [Restaurants] The promotion is part of an integrated marketing push that includes national TV ads, point-of-purchase material, posters, grassroots efforts and corporate goodwill efforts related to Big Brothers and Big Sisters, all leveraging Arby's relationship with Matt Kenseth. ...Read the whole story

  • IPhone Spurs Funding in On-Device Portal Market

    [Technology] Action Engine provides a device by which consumers can search for a local coffee shop, and the platform inserts an ad for Starbucks delivered to the cell phone screen. The consumer then clicks on the ad to call the local Starbucks and place an order for a latte, all before the results of the search appear. ...Read the whole story

  • New Hilton Ads Target Consumers' 'Big Day'

    [Hospitality] The Garden Inn campaign shows travelers preparing for a business, social or recreational event as they enjoy amenities grouped into five themes: Sleep Deep, Work Smart, Stay Fit, Eat Well and Treat Yourself. For example, the Eat Well creative, promoting the hotel's food service options, suggests that "Tomorrow is a big day, way too important to trust to a Danish." ...Read the whole story

  • How to Avoid Green Marketing Myopia*

    In practice, green appeals aren't likely to attract mainstream consumers unless they also offer a desirable benefit such as cost-savings or improved product performance. To ... ...More

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