Friday, September 21, 2007
  • Ad Spend: Net Up 23%; National Mags Show Nice 8.4% Gain

    [Research] The Internet was the big gainer--up 23.2% in the first half of the year to $3.7 billion, according to The Nielsen Company. The 250 magazine members of MPA's PIB service gained 17% in drugs and remedies ad revenue in the first half, to reach $1.1 billion. Toiletries and cosmetics, food, apparel, retail and media are among the other categories showing significant spend growth in PIB consumer magazines. ...Read the whole story

  • Forecast: Opportunity Lies In Supercharged CUV Segment

    [Automotive] Another huge growth market is basic cars, entry-level compacts like Hyundai Accent, Ford Focus, and Toyota's Scion cars, with 100% increase from very little volume to several products in the lineup. A Power analyst said the growth of that segment has surprised the consultancy, and predicted it will grow "because of prices, a shift in consumer preferences and the green movement. So our view has changed: It's not a fad. It's here to stay." ...Read the whole story

  • $15M Supports Hornitos Tequila Repositioning, Line Extensions

    [Spirits] The campaign is a mix of online, radio, print, and out of home, with 38% of the budget dedicated to online advertising. Hornitos will run a mix of high-impact, rich-media banner ad units as well as home page takeovers, roadblocks and custom skins with AskMen, Yahoo and ad networks BlueLithium and Gorilla Nation. The brand also will partner with publisher sites such as Maxim and Pandora to create custom- branded entertainment programs. Print ads are in such pubs as GQ and Blender. ...Read the whole story

  • Students Vie To Bring Band To Campus In AT&T Stunt

    [Telecommunications] Nearly 2 million invitations have been sent to the Dave Matthews Band by students, alumni and fans, with the military academies holding the lead. Says AT&T;'s Deborah Carranza, "We're seeing real competition between the schools. That's a significant amount of user-generated content, which helps consumers connect with our brand." ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Gen Y Shoppers Drawn To Greener Marketers

    [Retail] Environmental messaging has a big impact on customer loyalty among Gen Y members, with 50% saying it influences their shopping behavior. About 46% of respondents to a recent poll said they'd shop at a retailer more if it were environmentally friendly. And 47% say they're willing to pay more for environmentally friendly services, products or brands. ...Read the whole story

  • Extreme Price Shoppers Don't Hurt Profits

    [Retail] A new study finds that super-cost-conscious consumers represent a much smaller segment of shoppers than many had previously believed. About 1% of grocery stores' customers fit into this category, and they reduce retailers' profit by less than 0.2%. "Price promotions serve an important role in retaining profitable store-loyal customers," says the study, "while the negative impact through extreme cherry-picking is minimal." ...Read the whole story