• Nascar: So Many Brands, So Many Opportunities

    [Sports] How do brands love Nascar? Nextel, UPS, Coca-Cola and Chevron count the ways at the Motorsports Marketing Forum. Said Dean Kessel, director of Nascar Nextel Cup Series marketing at Sprint Nextel, "That's why there are more Fortune 100 companies in this sport than any other. Sure, you'd love to put your brand on an NFL helmet--but you can't." ...Read the whole story

  • FTC Pushes Up Hearings On Environmental Marketing Guides

    [Electronics] The announcement came days before Greenpeace released the sixth edition of its "Guide to Greener Electronics." Microsoft, Nintendo, Philips and Sharp rank at the list's bottom for environmental performance, with Nintendo becoming the first company to score zero out of a possible 10 points. ...Read the whole story

  • Today's FDA Hearing To Focus On Sodium Content In Food

    [Food] The Food and Drug Administration today will hold a public hearing on the amount of sodium in packaged and processed foods. The hearing is a result of continued lobbying by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and is supported by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). The governmental hearing comes after the FDA and the GMA held a joint conference last month on the issue of dietary sodium. ...Read the whole story

  • Prediction: '07 May Be Slowest Year Since Last Century

    [Automotive] The prognosticators at Edmunds.com, an online research and marketing site for auto shoppers, have seen the future, and it's small. The Los Angeles-based firm is predicting 1.2 million units sold in November, flat versus last November, and a 2.5% decrease versus October. If no more than 16 million vehicles are sold for the year, it will be the slowest since 1998. ...Read the whole story

  • Gap To Launch Designer Line Of Women's Shoes

    [Retail] Gap, which has been fighting to shake off a persistent decline in sales, clearly thinks shoes might be part of its salvation. A year ago, it launched piperlime.com, a shoe Web site. While the Gap sells its own branded shoes, this marks its first partnership with a shoe designer. Pierre Hardy's name will not be used in stores, and the shoes will be marketed as part of its Gap Design Editions. ...Read the whole story

  • Diamond Foods Readies New Ads, Declines Super Bowl

    [Food] The company will leverage the success it has enjoyed since employing the late Robert Goulet to act out of character in an amusing campaign that brought Emerald brand recognition and sales success. The new effort will continue the focus on nuts as a healthy way to boost energy in the afternoon workplace. ...Read the whole story

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