Friday, January 18, 2008
  • As Luxury Brands Sputter, Saks Tests New 'Off 5th' Concept

    [Retail] Bulking up its "value-priced" brand during an economic downturn--as logical as it seems--carries significant risk, says Milton F. Pedraza, CEO of The Luxury Institute. "For wealthy consumers, the existence of discount outlets definitely erodes the luxury brand. Wealthy shoppers are as knowledgeable as every other shopper, and it makes them say: 'Wait, why am I paying a premium for this brand, when it's so ubiquitous?' " ...Read the whole story

  • Unilever Targets Young Women Who Watch Super Bowl

    [Packaged Goods] The company will pitch the brand with a new "Life Can't Wait" platform. The effort includes ad featuring Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Shakira. An outdoor campaign will support a TV and interactive push. Marquee billboards in major cities will parallel homepage takeovers, and there will be a consumer-content and social networking element. ...Read the whole story

  • Early Marketing/R&D Integration Key In Drug Launches

    [Pharma] "The most successful companies now achieve 'share of voice' quickly, in a highly competitive marketplace, by creating cross-functional launch teams or committees," says Best Practices. "The team develops a launch strategy that integrates the scientific mission--creating a new, novel, beneficial and safe drug--with the commercial side of positioning the drug not only to the public, but to the FDA." ...Read the whole story

  • How Do You Market Open-Source Applications That Are Free?

    [Electronics]" One day we'd like to see ads for four Linux desktops and three Linux laptops when you walk into at a Best Buy store," says Larry Kettler, president/CEO of Linspire, which designs and supports Linux-based operating systems for PCs selling at Wal-Mart, and other retailers. "That's our goal." ...Read the whole story

  • Consultancy Mines Data To Develop 'Vehicle DNA'

    [Automotive] "One of our positions is that for new vehicle buyers, in general, their desires are very similar regardless of ethnic affiliation," says Strategic Vision's Alex Edwards. "But there are different priorities one should address. If, say, you are going into highly Hispanic area, you shouldn't have a different message, but similar message with varied accent points." ...Read the whole story