• Bees, Lincoln And Beavers Sell Drugs, Research Firm Finds

    [Pharma] "Several years ago, the types of ads that were on the air were fragments and not part of any unique creative concepts," says IAG Research's Fariba Zamaniyan. "There's been an evolution in direct-to-consumer advertising. Now, you see the embodiment of traditional advertising initiatives." ...Read the whole story

  • JCPenney Unleashes 'Unprecedented' Marketing Effort

    [Retail] Ads combine visuals of baseball, picnics, and life on the farm with vocals by Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and country crooner Alison Krauss. In addition to TV, the 60-second version will also air in cinemas. Additional ad support will come in the form of email, direct mail, circulars, specialty catalogs, and a microsite. ...Read the whole story

  • Disney Brand Taps Moms' Marketing Magic

    [Entertainment] Following its Web site redesign will be a four-piece print campaign dubbed "Real People. Real Discoveries." Created by Los Angeles' Siltanen & Partners Advertising, the effort spotlights three moms and one grandmother who share personal stories about special moments and discoveries with their kids, grandchildren and Baby Einstein products. ...Read the whole story

  • American Airlines Campaign Courts Business Travelers

    [Transportation] In select markets on Sunday, the airline will launch a television commercial showcasing the upgraded seats, entertainment systems, expanded work areas and meal service options. It also launched a microsite and will support via print and collateral advertising, direct mail and public relations efforts. ...Read the whole story

  • Starbucks Retraining Strategy: Is It A Rash Or Brash Move?

    [Restaurants] If Starbucks understands consumers' emotional connection to coffee and is working to fix an emotional disconnect, then the three-hour closing is worth it, says one researcher. "But it may be throwing customers into the arms of other alternatives." Tell us what you think! ...Read the whole story

  • TV Extension Quite Ends Where WWW Begins

    [Research] Early in the millennium, "convergence" was the buzzword for how the Internet would alter devices by making television an extension of the Web. New devices, as IDC points out in a new study, show that convergence means a proliferation of devices--many of them mobile. ...Read the whole story

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