Monday, March 31, 2008
  • Kodak CMO Makes Hay While 'Celebrity Appearance' Shines

    [Electronics] On Thursday night, Jeff Hayzlett went virtually nose to nose with rock star Gene Simmons--beamed in from Tokyo--debating the winning slogan for the Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-In-One Printer. "Anytime you have 9 million people watching and you don't throw up, that's a good time," Hayzlett said, about his several minutes more of fame. Kodak doubled sales since January. ...Read the whole story

  • Industry Is On The Ropes After A One-Two Punch

    [Automotive] "Some shoppers seem to be waiting for dramatic incentive announcements that seem inevitable, while other consumers are likely more focused on general economic and personal financial concerns," says The firm sees market share for the domestics--Chrysler, Ford and General Motors--at 51.1%, down from 52.7% in March 2007 and down from 52.2% last month. ...Read the whole story

  • Unconventional Marketing Reaches Video-Game College Tour

    [Gaming] The marketing campaign for the tour runs the gamut from colorful chalk drawings on campus sidewalks in front of the student union and fliers posted on buildings, to online banner ads and 30-second television spots running on local cable networks. Tour director and event organizer Robin Davis says, "I typically hire a street team, but sometimes students take the marketing and promotions into their own hands." ...Read the whole story

  • First National Quit Smoking Campaign Readies Launch

    [Health] "What we are trying to do with EX is offer smokers a comprehensive plan to quit, focusing on ritualistic, behavioral and habit elements of smoking," says the American Legacy Foundation's Jeffrey Costantino. He says the media push includes ABC day-time, late-night, ABC news, ESPN lifetime, Soapnet, as well as other networks like Fox News, CNN and A&E;. ...Read the whole story

  • Turning Credit Cards Into Loyalty Cards, Plus Real-Time Rewards

    [Financial Services] Martin Walker, VP of marketing and merchandising for Tully's, sees a major benefit in being able to use SingleSwipe to offer Tully's rewards to the much larger number of customers who use their credit cards to pay for food. That means being able to "easily encourage guests to try new products and reward our most loyal customers with even more cost savings." ...Read the whole story

  • Microsoft, Toyota Launch Campaigns On MyWaves

    [Technology] This week, Microsoft kicks off a campaign on MyWaves that is geo-targeted to 4 million mobile users in India promoting the MS Office New Day product line. The general awareness effort developed with WPP/Quasar in India will feature animated mobile banner ads. ...Read the whole story

Getting Snug Around The Upper Middle?

We seem to be trapped in a bubble of economic delusion. We're certainly not rich. But the checking account is generally well-upholstered enough so that no teenager goes unshod, no dog unfed, and no consumer electronics ...More