Tuesday, May 20, 2008
  • Early Results Prompt Chrysler To Extend $2.99 Gas Program

    [Automotive] "The reason [for the extension]," says vice chairman/president Jim Press, "is, boy, have we gotten a great response. It has resonated perfectly with the needs and concerns of customers. They are very pleased to have the peace of mind, to take the worry of gas volatility out of the market." ...Read the whole story

  • Canon Shoots TV Spot For EOS Rebel With Own SLR Brand

    [Electronics] Tapping into the creative talents at Grey New York, the advertising team crafted the idea of shooting nearly an entire television commercial using Canon digital still cameras. After the first few seconds of film footage, the commercial goes through a blending of still images stitched together to give the impression of motion. ...Read the whole story

  • Dell, Virgin Mobile Launch Grads, Dads Promotions

    [Electronics, Telecom] Corinne Nosal, a Virgin Mobile spokeswoman, says the tour highlights the LG Flare as well as well as the Slash by Samsung, Virgin Mobile USA's newest phone, which was announced Monday. "We will launch an online marketing promotion called 'Slide Into Summer' centered on the Slash, she says, adding that details have not been finalized. ...Read the whole story

  • Campbell: Price Hikes, Competition Contribute To 3Q Soup Slip

    [Food] All of that said, emphasizing that a focus on innovation and differentiation are the keys to Campbell's growth, CEO Douglas Conant maintained that the recent decline in ready-to-serve soup has been less a factor of pricing than a lack of innovation. "Quite frankly, we haven't done a very good job of that this year," he said. ...Read the whole story

  • Next Big Gardening Trend: More Green Than Bloom

    [Retail] Turns out that this year, the biggest idea is more green, fewer flowers. "While blue and purple flowers have dominated the Show Gardens the past few years, this year the Main Avenue is awash with shades of green," the Royal Horticultural Society reports. Today marks the kickoff of London's Chelsea Flower Show. ...Read the whole story

  • White Outdoor's 'Love Of Land' Is First Ad In Four Years

    [Automotive] The single-page ad, spread and outdoor billboards show a rural home or yard in rich Hudson-school tones, the tag, "since 1887" and headlines like, "The road less traveled leads here" and "The grass is greener out here." Radio :60s are spoken by Baxter Black, NPR's "large animal vet and cowboy poet." ...Read the whole story

Engaging Youth In An Evolving Online Environment

The most important principle to follow when marketing to young people is to never pretend to be something you're not online, as the young are the first to see past quick-sale attempts. Here are four golden ...More