• Terra Chips Leverage Facebook Around Election

    Terra's core tagline of being "never ordinary" snacks ties in perfectly with "an election that's far from ordinary" because of its focus on change and its "historic importance," notes Darren Gillmor, VP, business development for Story Worldwide. "We believe that the campaign's approach is novel enough, and compelling enough, to make people want to participate and drive the viral element." ...Read the whole story

  • Edmunds.com Predicts A Horrific Sales Month

    Jesse Toprak, executive director of industry analysis for Edmunds.com, says the big sales weekend--Columbus Day--wasn't. "Looking ahead, November is traditionally one of the worst sales months of the year, and December is usually one of the best. If the election and other variables don't have a significant impact on auto sales through December, we are looking at an annual total of about 13.6 million units." ...Read the whole story

  • Electronics May Be Holiday Bright Spot

    The Consumer Electronics Association survey reports that consumers plan on spending a total of $1,437--significantly higher than other national surveys. That still represents a $200 dip from its poll last year. Despite the decline, it finds that consumers plan to spend more on electronics, with 28% of total spending earmarked for such gifts. (That's up 6% from last year.) ...Read the whole story

  • C-Suite Acts On Ads In Trusted Media Vehicles

    "It is an important consideration for brands marketing across platforms," says Simon Staplehurst, director of global development for the BE series at global media and market research firm Ipsos. "They act on ads if they trust the platform or media vehicle." Thirty-eight percent said they have visited advertisers' Web sites after having seen an ad in a magazine. ...Read the whole story

  • Green Issues Suffer During Economic Blues

    Americans are less inclined to give top priority to environmental issues during a time of economic hardship, saying they feel economic hardship is primary, according to a number of opinion polls taken over the last year. The more recent polls suggest a degree of partisan difference in an election year, but the tendency is still widespread across the political spectrum. ...Read the whole story

Recession-Proofing Your Brand

The key to making your brand survive - and dare I say even thrive - during a recession is to out-think your competition. Here's how. ...More

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