• Panasonic Strategy Seeks To Widen Niche

    To accommodate its broader target, Panasonic is running ads on "CNN in the Morning," where it's more likely to encounter business travelers. A similar strategy is being employed in out-of-home, where signage is appearing in airports that see a fair amount of business travelers, such as Chicago, Newark and Atlanta. ...Read the whole story

  • Firm Faulted With Targeting Pharma Ads At Survey Respondents

    The New York Times reported that nine million people who have taken the Web-based health survey and agreed to free membership were getting emails from pharmaceutical companies. Social media and the blogosphere were ablaze with posts expressing mostly shock and outrage but also some with "knew it all along" smugness. ...Read the whole story

  • Cell Phones, Flat-Screens Boost Best Buy Sales

    In all other segments, though, results weakened. Consumer electronics, the company's largest segment, accounting for about 40% of revenues, saw a decline of 8.6% in comparable-store sales. While flat-panel TV sales increased, sales of digital cameras, MP3 players and GPS devices all fell in the low double-digit range. ...Read the whole story

  • Hardee's Adopts Carl's Jr.'s Steamy Ad Style

    "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi is doing double-duty for CKE: She's also being featured in a similar new commercial for Carl's Jr.'s own Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger. The Hardee's ad will start airing Monday in Midwest and Southeast markets, while the Carl's Jr. ad will run for a limited time in that chain's West Coast markets starting Tuesday. ...Read the whole story

  • Brands Follow NBA On Its European Tour

    The National Basketball Association is jumping a lot of sharks this year as it crosses the Atlantic to play in Europe. A number of sponsors are going with. The NBA Europe Live 2009 tour, presented by EA Sports, launches with the Chicago Bulls playing the Utah Jazz at London's O2 Arena this fall. ...Read the whole story

  • JC Penney Inks Deal With Wedding Site

    The company wants engaged couples to see the store as a one-stop shop with everything from engagement and wedding rings and gowns to photo studios, and luggage for the honeymoon. "It's a very key business for us in terms of home products, and this is the season," says a JC Penney spokesperson. "We are seeing lots of pickup in business." ...Read the whole story

A Costly Gamble

In the digital age, companies put their business at risk unless they start making products more accessible to people with disabilities. ...More

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