Tuesday, June 23, 2009
  • Infiniti Goes Deep With Digital For G Convertible

    "We have done a lot online, but what this really does is expand our efforts much more into mobile than we have in the past," says Ben Poore, vice president of Infiniti, who notes that the proliferation of devices like Apple's iPhone has opened up mobile and that the company has recently finished updating its Web capabilities for mobile devices. ...Read the whole story

  • Bargain-Driven Shoppers Boost Walgreens Sales

    CEO Gregory D. Wasson is guardedly optimistic about looming healthcare reform in Washington D.C., saying that "there are threats and opportunities. While there will be more focus on costs, which may pressure margins, one of the key principals seems to be prevention and wellness, and prescription drugs are a big part of that." ...Read the whole story

  • New Site Makes 'Dunkin' Runs' Easier

    "Our brand filters everything through the lens of helping to keep busy people going. The Dunkin' run is an existing activity; we just wanted to use technology to make it easier, more efficient and more viral," Cynthia Ashworth, vice president of consumer engagement. While the site doesn't allow for sending orders in advance, Dunkin' will consider taking it that step further in a future iteration. ...Read the whole story

  • Sears To Settle With FTC Over Online Tracking

    A cyberlaw attorney says the FTC is sending "a strong signal that [it] will subject online tracking of consumer behavior to a stringent standard of disclosure. Firms that offer or rely upon behavioral advertising or other online data collection activities should ... assess the prominence and completeness of the disclosures they make to consumers in light of the proceeding." ...Read the whole story

  • Sprint Gets All Social In Products And Strategy

    "So many people are using these services, to make it easy for them to access it from their handheld device is just a nice feature, especially for two devices that wouldn't be considered smartphones," says a spokesman. "It makes those phones that much more attractive when people see they have easy access to those sites for Facebook and Twitter." Sprint has also expanded its social networking presence with corporate-focused Twitter feeds. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: 4 In 10 Smartphone Users Would Switch To IPhone

    Almost 4 in 10 smartphone users who don't have an iPhone would switch to the popular Apple device for their next purchase, while 4 out of 5 of current iPhone users would buy the phone again, according to a new study. The findings highlight the challenges the BlackBerry faces in "stemming the iPhone stampede," according to Crowd Science CEO John Martin. ...Read the whole story

  • Verizon Dangles Electronics For Bundled Sign-Ups

    Verizon Communication is offering new customers who sign up for its FiOS broadband service a free Compaq netbook computer or Flip Ultra camcorder. The offer is available to new customers who sign up for a bundle that includes FiOS Internet, FiOS TV Extreme HD service and FiOS Essentials voice service. (The Ultra -- valued at $149.99 -- can also be had with the purchase of a lesser package, or the consumer can purchase the netbook for $99.) --Aaron Baar ...Read the whole story

  • Burger King Touts 'Transformer'

    Burger King is rolling out co-branded TV ads as part of its marketing arrangement with the film, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," which premiers on Wednesday. The campaign includes a promotional game, "Transform Your Way," where guests have a 50% chance of winning prizes up to $1 million; BKTransformers.com, where consumers can play a search game involving a "King Robot" Transformer character for a chance to win $10,000; and a Transformers-themed menu item, "BK BBQ Double Stackticon," where consumers can stack multiple burger patties, bacon, sauce and cheese. The television spots include separate creative for kids and adults. For the ... ...Read the whole story

  • Hormel To Market Mexican Food In U.S.
  • On Fridays, Ralph Lauren Targets Breast Cancer
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