• Visa Connects With Olympics Congratulations

    "We know through research that the way consumers connect to the games is through the athletes and their stories," says Jennifer Bazante, head of global brand marketing for Visa. "It helps extend the window of the breakthrough moment for the athlete. It [also] helps keep the campaign fresh and relevant." ...Read the whole story

  • With Growing Financial Power, Black Outlook Is Rosy

    By 2013, the purchase power of African-Americans will reach $1.2 trillion, meaning nine cents out of every dollar spent in the U.S. will come from this group of consumers. Using data from several of its consumer and media divisions, Experian says African-Americans are also more optimistic about their financial situation than the general population. ...Read the whole story

  • Ben & Jerry's To Be Fully 'Fair Trade' By 2013

    "I see it as the rise of the social consumer," says Stacy Geagan Wagner, a spokesperson for TransFair USA, the nonprofit group that certifies ingredients as Fair Trade. "We have the ability to choose product A, which tastes great, or Product B, which also tastes great, but doesn't exploit anybody." ...Read the whole story

  • Milk Board Launches 'Mucho Más Que Leche'

    The campaign, by Long Beach, Calif.-based Grupo Gallegos, touts the nutritional benefits of milk with three 30-second Spanish-language spots: "Dentist" (Dentista), "Hair" (Pelo) and "Sports Drink" (Bebida Deportiva). The first two set up a conceit suggesting the product is toothpaste and shampoo, respectively. ...Read the whole story

  • Dinner-Out Declines: Economy Not Sole Factor

    In short, even before the recession, adults across age groups were making changes in how they addressed supper needs for their families and themselves. This, says NPD Group's Bonnie Riggs, points to a critical need for restaurant operators to focus on understanding and meeting the needs and motivations of their specific target demographics. ...Read the whole story

10 Steps To Global Advertising Success

The aim for a worldwide campaign is for a balance of global brand consistency and authenticity, e.g., values, etc., with local market relevance, flexibility and ... ...More

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