Wednesday, May 26, 2010
  • Ewanick Steers Caddy, Agency Down New Path

    An insider source tells Marketing Daily that General Motors' marketing chief has basically told BBH that the "Mark of Leadership" theme doesn't have legs long-term, and they need to find a much more relevant brand positioning that can be sustained as a long campaign. ...Read the whole story

  • Mintel: People Still Don't Understand Fiber

    "The way men view fiber is a considerable obstacle for marketers to overcome," sums up Mintel's Molly Heyl-Rushmer. The answer? She believes that employing "macho" spokesmen in advertising to "gently poke fun" at these false beliefs could help fiber-rich food marketers convince men that they're in error about fiber. ...Read the whole story

  • American Airlines Thanks Troops, Vets, Families

    Advertising critic Lewis Lazare of the Chicago Sun-Times called the spots "emotionally gripping" and lauded the airline for launching them "after a long string of fairly ho-hum TV ads." He gave the spots an "A" grade in his column. "They unabashedly tug at our heartstrings," Lazare says. "It's hard to say which of the two American spots is the more compelling." ...Read the whole story

  • Lane Bryant Rattles Skeletons In Victoria's Closet

    Still milking the media buzz created when Fox and ABC initially refused to run one of its lingerie ads last month, Lane Bryant is having a new kind of fun: It's got an ad spoofing underwear powerhouse Victoria's Secret up on its blog and is asking its customers to weigh in. ...Read the whole story

  • Corona Launches Biggest Summer Promo To Date

    The off- and on-premises promotion, which will run through July 31, kicked off on May 20 with a 24-hour "pop-up" beach party in New York's Times Square. The event featured 30 tons of sand, ocean sounds, palm trees, volley ball and other games, beach-item giveaways and brand ambassadors. ...Read the whole story

  • Kia Hamsters Snicker At Cubist Competition

    There's also a line of T-shirts, hats and hoodies with a hamster theme called Hamstar. Michael Sprague, Kia VP marketing, says the clothing line was a response to consumer demand after last year's campaign. "We got a lot of inquiries from consumers about it, so it was always in the back of our minds," he tells Marketing Daily. ...Read the whole story

  • CSPI Names 2010 'Xtreme Eating' Menu 'Winners'

    "For all the industry's rhetoric about providing consumers with 'choice,' the choices at restaurants mostly range from bad to terrible," asserted CSPI executive director Michael F. Jacobson. "If chain restaurants want to practice corporate responsibility, they should substitute fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for white flour, sugar, salt, and fat." ...Read the whole story

  • Analyst: Microsoft Ready To Reorg Big Time

    Evidently, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's chief executive officer, has had enough. Maybe that's why Microsoft in February appointed David Webster chief strategy officer, and Gayle Troberman chief creative officer -- both new roles -- after somewhat of a reorganization earlier this year. ...Read the whole story