• Mountain Dew Lets Fans Plan Tour, Events

    "I've been doing event marketing for 20 years," says Motive's Matt Statman. "This experience was a game changer. Tapping the 'collective intelligence' by turning decisions over to consumers resulted in far more opportunistic and meaningful engagement. The loyalty- and community-building results were huge. I'll definitely be thinking about using the core concept for future campaigns." ...Read the whole story

  • Goodwill Looks To Measure Donation Effect

    The effort also includes a new "Donate" icon, a "D" with recycle-style arrows around it. The symbol will start appearing on products with the hope that it will become "the universal symbol of donating." Goodwill's Donate Challenge, which officially launches the "Donate Movement," calls on people to donate to their local Goodwill store or drop-off bin, and visit donate.goodwill.org to learn how donations become valuable community services. ...Read the whole story

  • State Farm Targets 18-25 With 'Magic Jingle'

    State Farm Director of Marketing Tim Van Hoof tells Marketing Daily, "Online is in the works, and there will be more unfolding across a variety of platforms in the coming weeks and months." New TV spots with the same theme will break in the fall, he adds. Depending on how comedian Ben Posner resonates with consumers, his presence could be expanded to social media, he adds. ...Read the whole story

  • Young Women Most Optimistic About Recovery

    While Gen Y (especially women), dual-income couples with no kids, and financially secure empty-nesters are most likely to say they intend to spend more in the year ahead, there's still plenty of evidence that in many areas, Americans are determined to keep their belts extra-tight. ...Read the whole story

  • Fla. County Busy Selling Unspoiled Beauty

    The campaign uses a "fresh TV" approach wherein a raft of TV spots was shot and began airing in one day as a crisis-TV effort to get the message out in peak tourism season. It touts the destination with a message that the beaches are clean and there's no oil in sight. The national effort, "Still Pristine," will ultimately comprise nine humorous 30-second spots airing on one national network and cable and on in-state television markets. ...Read the whole story

Zuckerberg Was Partly, Right And Wrong

Publishers and advertisers should focus every effort on delivering a personalized experience to users. But they should first ask people in a clear and transparent ... ...More

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