• New Kotex Effort Dangles Undie 'Makeunder'

    Aida Flick, brand director at Kotex, tells Marketing Daily the effort is a continuation of a program that started last fall with the "Panty Challenge" campaign, a promotion that encouraged women to try Kotex with a promise that any problems meant new undergarments on K-C's dime. She says that program promoted Kotex by getting women to get rid of those undergarments they wore only while menstruating with the underlying idea that Kotex provides leakage protection. ...Read the whole story

  • Egg Recall: More Pressure To Pass Safety Act

    Legislation already passed in the U.S. House but awaiting action in the Senate (S.510) would increase the FDA's oversight of producers/processors and give the agency the authority to issue mandatory recalls of tainted products. Recalls are currently voluntary. ...Read the whole story

  • HSBC Is Top Sponsor Of 'New Yorker' Event

    The bank's brand print and out-of-home ads have been featuring unusual factoids about global business such as "Only 4% of American films are made by women. In Iran, it's 25%." This and similar factoids will be featured on the napkins being passed out by the food trucks. The international flavor of the food reflects the theme of the current HSBC advertising campaign, "The world's local bank." ...Read the whole story

  • Truth Campaign: Watch Out for Zombies

    Nicole Dorrier, senior director, youth prevention marketing at the Legacy Foundation, says MTV and Truth first teamed up in 2006. "What we found is that it works best when we use MTV's voice the way they intended it and couple it with Truth's message." Truth worked with MTV's production team at its studios, with MTV handling production and Truth's creative team (Arnold Worldwide, Boston) helping to develop story lines. ...Read the whole story

  • Pepsi Bottlers Add Digital To Media Mix

    "The initial thought behind this was knowing that digital has become a more important channel for consumers," says Katie Hannify, a media manager at PepsiCo. "And we wanted to make sure our local bottling system had the ability to customize a relevant message for consumers in their markets as opposed to a national brand-equity message." ...Read the whole story

Search Marketing Enhances CPG Food Brands

For CPG food marketers who are just starting to think about search marketing or who are just testing out the waters, consider the following recommendations. ...More

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