Wednesday, September 22, 2010
  • Sprint Creates 'Epic' Campaign

    "Movies capture the imagination of everyone. It's the upper echelon of video entertainment," Marc Davis, group manager of national advertising, tells Marketing Daily. "The way we've positioned this campaign, the name of the phone is Epic. The titles are Epic -- what more content could you provide than an epic movie itself." ...Read the whole story

  • MillerCoors CMO Expounds On The Reach Of Sports

    At the IMG Sports Marketing Symposium in New York, boasting record audience numbers on Tuesday, MillerCoors CMO Andy England opened the conference with a discussion of the "three R's": retail activation, relationships and reach. "Sports deliver the right audience for our media message. Sports deliver audience and reach I care about. That's why we spent 60% of media against sports," he said. ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook: How Formats, Timing Affect Response

    "An image like a coupon or photo provides the visual impact that bland text lacks, in terms of grabbing consumers' attention, without the time commitment required for loading, watching and perhaps sharing a video," notes Vitrue CEO Reggie Bradford. "While video consumption, including on mobile, will continue to grow, there are practical limitations -- particularly at work." ...Read the whole story

  • O Canada: Scion Enters Maple Leaf Country

    The campaign includes digital out-of-home boards, dealership elements, and many non-traditional elements aimed at the creative community, to include "chalk art" stenciling around urban centers and projections supporting Scion Sessions and other local events like Montreal's Piknik Electronik and Shine Night Club in Vancouver. ...Read the whole story

  • Ally Bank Focuses On Customer Love

    "We hear from happy customers every day in social media and through customer service chat and phone calls," states CMO Sanjay Gupta. The new campaign -- which also includes radio, print and online -- will emphasize Ally Bank's customer-friendly services, products and features and will reflect the success of Ally Bank and focus on why customers love the bank. ...Read the whole story

  • Holiday Forecast: Tepid Growth, Mega Sales

    Experts believe that will translate into another heavy promotional season. "We're going to see holiday shopping begin earlier, and the consumer is going to be much more considered in terms of what they're buying and how much they're buying," Doug Stephens, president of Retail Prophet Consulting, tells Marketing Daily. "Their confidence is just not very high." ...Read the whole story

Who Owns A Dog?

Top 10 DMAs in which reside adults who have a dog in their household: 1 Tulsa, Okla. 2 Oklahoma City, Okla. 3 San Antonio, Texas 4 Knoxville, Tenn. 5 El Paso, Texas 6 Little Rock/ Pine ...More

  • Where Is UR Txt Msg Strategy?

    The time has come to fill this void. It is time to speak the new language of the consumers, to embrace interactive text messaging in marketing, customer care, collections and more. ...More