Friday, October 22, 2010
  • Glenfiddich Events, Ads Hit Major Metros

    The creative, via London-based Leagas Delaney, features photography of scenarios meant to inspire awe around themes of exploration and achievement. The new positioning will include a series of billboards in New York's Times Square, as well as in central locations in Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago. ...Read the whole story

  • Sears Launches New Payment Option

    Sears says it wanted to offer credit-shy customers more financing options. "The monthly payment plan is a smart shopping solution that makes it more affordable for customers to pay for large purchases," it says in its release. It claims the new plan now gives it more payment options than any other major appliance company. ...Read the whole story

  • External Validation Drives Gen Y Purchases

    "These young adults are finding their place in the world, and looking for products that can help communicate what they stand for," says Nick Tabbal, SVP research for Resonate. "Many define success as growing and maturing as a person. And they tend to view brands as a means of expressing themselves, which is good news for brands." ...Read the whole story

  • J.D. Power: Consumers Adopting Minimalism

    J.D. Power and Associates has tapped five consumer trends emerging from the social media commentary it has been studying as part of its new digital trend-spotting division: more mobile adoption, scaling back on purchases, looking for high quality/low price, sense of empowerment and reopening the front door to junior. ...Read the whole story

  • Game Consoles Gain Digital Delivery Traction

    "Because those are in so many homes, it's showing that young people, in particular, are starting to turn to those as an entertainment center within themselves," David Tice, Knowledge Networks' vice president and group account director, tells Marketing Daily. "Since the new generation of systems comes with Internet capability, things have been made much easier in terms of getting content on them." ...Read the whole story

  • Burger King Offering Stardoll Kids' Premiums

    The premiums, available at about 7,400 U.S. BK locations through Oct. 31, are toys based on the virtual paper doll activities popular among girls. The Stardoll virtual world/game site has nearly 80 million registered users worldwide, according to the company. ...Read the whole story

  • GameStop Gives NASCAR PowerUp

    GameStop is promoting the national rollout of its PowerUp Rewards loyalty program through a special paint scheme on Joey Logano's No. 20 car at this Sunday's Tums Fast Relief 500. ...Read the whole story

  • Online Retailers Expect Gangbuster Holiday

    But that doesn't mean they won't be scrapping for every sale: 40% plan to kick off their holiday promotions by Halloween, with another 40% planning to start Nov. 1. And 84.8% say they plan some type of free-shipping promotion, and of those, 31.4% say they plan to offer those deals earlier this year than last, with 36.7% saying they've upped their budget for such offerings. ...Read the whole story

  • Analysts Weigh In On Toyota