Tuesday, December 28, 2010
  • Carnival Cruise Asks, 'Hey America, Didja Ever?'

    The Miami-based cruise line will help people share, fulfill and celebrate first-time experiences throughout the year, driven by the "Didja Ever" campaign headquarters on Carnival's Facebook page and promoted through interactive, broadcast, online, social media and local marketing efforts. ...Read the whole story

  • Hyundai Promotes Sonata's Technology, Value

    Among the ads is the first for its first hybrid vehicle, the Sonata Hybrid. The spot, via Innocean Worldwide Americas, carries the message is that sometimes being in the second-wave of products is better than being first, as the second generation often demonstrates a big advance over its predecessors. ...Read the whole story

  • Jenny Craig Revs Up New Program

    The launch comes just weeks after Weight Watchers, the industry leader, kicked off its new Points Plus program, including a new ad campaign with success story Jennifer Hudson. That program is also based on new weight loss science, featured prominently in its marketing claims. Rival Nutri-System has also intensified its advertising, with spots featuring Marie Osmond. ...Read the whole story

  • Post Lowers Sugar In Two Pebbles Varieties

    Post, which reports that all Pebbles varieties are cholesterol-free, low in fat and good sources of Vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals, described the sugar content reduction as part of its "ongoing effort to address the rise in nutritional concerns among American consumers." ...Read the whole story

  • Carl's, Hardee's Launch Mobile Rewards App

    In addition to enabling digital tracking of customer visits, the new app offers guaranteed rewards, a restaurant locator, a social media interface, streaming videos, menus and nutritional information. "We're dragging the antiquated punch-card type of loyalty programs into the 21st century," comments Carl's Jr./Hardee's EVP, marketing, Brad Haley. ...Read the whole story

  • Brand Keys: Biggest Self-Immolations Of '10

    Now that the year has just about gone through the hourglass and we are one year older and closer to shuffling off this mortal coil, it might be worth it to add some levity by regarding some brand screw-ups for 2010. Handily, Brand Keys has announced its annual list of "marketing misdemeanors." There are few surprises here. ...Read the whole story

Who Prefers To Book Trips Online?

Top 10 DMAs in which reside adults who agree with the statement, "I'd rather book a trip over the Internet than meet with a travel agent." 1 Washington, DC (Hagerstown, MD) 2 Seattle-Tacoma, WA 3 San ...More