Wednesday, January 26, 2011
  • DonQ Rum Goes All Social With New Campaign

    DonQ Rum is launching a digital contest dangling a trip to Puerto Rico as grand prize. The "Master of All Skills" is ultimately meant to spotlight how DonQ's distillers are masters of their particular craft. ...Read the whole story

  • Industry's FOP Label System Draws Heavy Flak

    The objections focused on accusations that the initiative amounts to a self-serving attempt by the industry to pre-empt the Food and Drug Administration's initiative to develop a voluntary but agency-regulated FOP system. ...Read the whole story

  • Report: Super Bowl Parties May Hit New Record

    A new survey from the National Retail Federation predicts that come Feb. 6, Super Bowl partiers will spend $10.1 billion, with 171 million planning on watching the game -- the most in the survey's history. Of those, 34.9 million -- or 15% of viewers -- plan to host their own parties, an increase from last year's 31.6 million. And 61.2 million, or 26.3%, plan to attend a game party, up from 58.8 million last year. ...Read the whole story

  • State Farm IPad App Helps Movers Move

    State Farm's MoveTools allows users to virtually pack every room in their house by clicking and dragging pictures of items into a moving box. Once the box is filled -- both virtually and for real -- users can print out a "smart label" to attach that can be read by smartphones and reveals the contents. ...Read the whole story

  • Kia Pulls Out Stops To Promo '11 Optima

    This year, Kia is taking a page out of sibling Hyundai's big-voices, big-places strategy to promote its 2011 Optima and other vehicles. The Irvine, Calif.-based automaker is not just advertising in the Super Bowl along with Hyundai and getting vehicles in the new series "Nikita" on The CW Network. ...Read the whole story

  • Purina To Owners: Go On, Double Dog Dare Us

    To help promote its reformulated dog food and the contest, Purina has enlisted country music-playing siblings "The Band Perry" -- and their dogs -- to be the face of the campaign. In addition to leveraging the band's popularity, the company will use significant public relations efforts to promote the contest. ...Read the whole story

Who Prefers Designer Clothes?

Top 10 DMAs in which reside adults who agree with the statement, "Clothes made by fashion designers are more appealing": 1 Los Angeles, CA 2 New York, NY 3 Houston, TX 4 New Orleans, LA 5 ...More