Monday, August 22, 2011
  • Lincoln Uses 'Co-creation' To Get Design Feedback

    Select participants will be invited to continue the discussion in an online panel post-show to gather more feedback, says Jim Peters, Lincoln Experiential Manager. Results of the panel will be made public at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, Peters tells Marketing Daily. Lincoln is also considering using the "Virtual Voice of the Customer" process at future auto shows, he added. ...Read the whole story

  • Tablets, Smartphones Changing Media Consumption

    Tablets and iPhones are fundamentally changing the way people get their entertainment, and they may eventually make those DVD players, GPS and other single-use electronic devices obsolete. ...Read the whole story

  • Walmart Struggles To Keep Low-Cost Edge

    It's not an easy time to be Walmart. First, economic worries are hanging heaviest on lower-income shoppers, its core audience. Next, there's a growing sense among those shoppers that Walmart's "Everyday Low Price" positioning is eroding, and that there are better deals in dollar stores, supermarkets, and even at Target. ...Read the whole story

  • Initiative: Consumer Engagement Key To Brand Choice

    More than 40% of customers now say they will not buy a brand if they can't find the right information about it online. That's according to a new consumer survey by Initiative, which concludes that marketers "must seek to increase the level of engagement they have with consumers across all channels." ...Read the whole story

  • Gap Blames Lower Results On Marketing Troubles

    Marketing problems continue for The Gap. Last year, the company adopted a new logo, only to reverse course and reinstate the old logo after negative backlash from consumers. Now Chairman and CEO Glenn Murphy is blaming at least part of the company's poor financial performance on its marketing program. ...Read the whole story

Brand Purity Lessons From Grandmother

My grandmother's canning closet was a place of wonder for me as a child. Rows and rows of clear, unlabeled glass Ball jars displayed their treasures. ...More