• Orbit App Lets Facebook Fans Design Packages

    The brand is encouraging fans to create individually customized package designs using an infographics app that draws on information from the user's Facebook profile and his/her choice of one of the gum's four flavors. ...Read the whole story

  • Irvine: It's About Content And Context

    Cella Irvine, CEO of contextual ad firm Vibrant, says social media, mobile, data, video, and context will be critical areas defining where online advertising will succeed (or fail) next year. ...Read the whole story

  • Carnival Targets Cruise Rookies

    The campaign takes into account two trends: Consumers' desire for avoiding the hassles of air travel, as well as finding great value. Research shows that many are curbing expenses by taking vacations that are within driving distance. ...Read the whole story

  • 2012 Will Be Year Of ... Fewer Tablets

    The problem for most of the year, according to Andrew Eisner, director of content for consumer electronics site Retrevo.com, is that most tablet manufacturers couldn't afford to undersell Apple. ...Read the whole story

  • Hendrick's Gin Takes To The Forest

    The brand's effort positions it as a whimsical, somewhat quirky spirit, whose botanical infusions (and positioning) take it out of the smoky old-boy's clubs that the idea of gin tends to inspire in people and into an "Enchanted Forest of Curiosities." ...Read the whole story

  • The Secret To Box Office Success

    We've seemingly skipped over the feel-good movies that usually become instant classics ("The Santa Claus," "Home Alone") and gone straight to blockbuster franchises with new ... ...More

Trends That Shaped '11, Hold Promise For '12

With new online channels emerging and the challenges they bring, marketers should review their 2011 initiatives to extract what worked -- and what didn't -- ... ...More

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