Tuesday, May 29, 2012
  • Connecticut's Push: 'Revolutionary' In Multiple Ways

    This year, the tourism industry has a new hero: Gov. Dannel P. "Dan" Malloy, who's made good on a 2010 election campaign promise by marshaling legislative support for a two-year, $27 million tourism branding/marketing initiative. ...Read the whole story

  • High Airfare, Gas Prices Prompt More Staycations

    About 7 out of 10 plan to spend the same or more on vacation as they did last year. They are focusing on "staycations" at home due to high airfare and gas prices, and instead are planning to visit local amusement attractions including water and theme parks. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Why Vermont?' Beefs Up Mobile, Digital

    Not quite a year after Hurricane Irene pulverized the Green Mountain state, Vermont is sharpening its summer tourism efforts, with a "Why Vermont?" campaign that includes mobile, video, and a special pitch to Boston Red Sox fans. ...Read the whole story

  • Q&A: Philly Focuses On Parkway

    Meryl Levitz, president and CEO of the GPTMC, talks to Marketing Daily about the Barnes, the new campaign, the revitalization of the Ben Franklin Parkway, and the big tourism picture in the City of Brotherly Love. ...Read the whole story

  • No Time, Money For Vacay? Try 'Nearcay'

    First, there was the "vacation." Then there was the "staycation." This summer, indoor water park resort proprietor Great Wolf Lodge will be splitting the difference, looking to catch the burgeoning trend of "nearcations." ...Read the whole story

  • Alfred J. Seaman, 99, Ex-4As, AEF Founding Chairman

    Alfred J. Seaman passed away in his home in Oyster Bay, LI on May 26, 2012, three-and-a-half months shy of his 100th birthday. Born in Hempstead, NY on Sept. 17, 1912, he graduated from Columbia University, served in World War II on both the Atlantic and Pacific fronts as an aircraft carrier CIC officer and became one of the leading figures in the postwar advertising industry. ...Read the whole story

Halfway To Oblivion - Or Salvation?

Seven years ago, amid flying spittle and other signs of deep agitation, a notorious crank predicted the end of network television by 2020. Audience hyper-fragmentation, DVR ad avoidance, online competition and the immutable law of supply ...More

  • Future-Proof Digital

    Responsive design is not a magic bullet, but it goes a long way to solve the multi-device problem. It should be part of a bigger process of understanding your consumer's needs, when and where they are ...More