Tuesday, June 5, 2012
  • Tide Makes Fun Of Being Made Fun Of

    An article in "The Onion" by one "Fred Hammond, director of digital video and social media integration, Tide Detergent," is all about a putative viral video for Tide that has apparently led to Tide making the real thing on its YouTube channel. ...Read the whole story

  • Scion Flexes FR-S Muscle With New Campaign

    Because this is the first true performance vehicle under the Scion lineup, the campaign,via AOR San Francisco-based Attik takes digital, TV, print and out of home elements beyond the usual pure-Millennial channels. ...Read the whole story

  • Zevia Sees Opp: Ads Back N.Y.'s Soda Ban Plan

    The privately owned, Seattle-based company launched in 2007, reportedly the first U.S. maker to market sodas entirely sweetened by natural, plant-based stevia (it now offers 15 varieties), launched a series of ads in Manhattan subways on June 4. ...Read the whole story

  • Bank of America Launches Two Efforts

    Bank of America is launching two advertising efforts, one for its Merrill Lynch Wealth Management product and the other for U.S. Trust, geared toward high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals and families. ...Read the whole story

  • Boost's '4Genie' Grants Wireless Wishes

    Boost Mobile is moving from being an amplifier of consumers' complaints about their wireless providers to showing how it can solve those problems in a new marketing campaign for its prepaid wireless programs. ...Read the whole story

Reel In The Elusive 18-34-Year-Old Man

Can 18- to-34-year-old men still be found via television, a medium that is approaching 100 years of age? And more importantly, can we get them to respond to DRTV's alluring charms? ...More