• AmEx: Social Engagement That Closes The Loop

    Leslie Berland, SVP digital partnerships and development at American Express, has a five-second rule: don't tweet something that takes a consumer longer than five seconds to figure out. That, in a way, applies to a lot of what the financial services firm does on social. ...Read the whole story

  • Forrester: Marketers Have Touchpoint Interruptus

    For example, while BMW's Mini brand has a way-cool tool that allows potential buyers to try on "millions of potential combinations of color, body style, and optional extras through its car configurator," there's no way for consumers to send that information to dealers. ...Read the whole story

  • JetBlue Airways Matches Charitable Donations

    JetBlue Airways will match all customer donations made through its TrueBlue Giving program up to $25,000 from Dec. 10-17. ...Read the whole story

  • Melting Pot Spotlights New Menu On Reality Show

    For the chain, the exposure on the one-hour program will provide a prime opportunity to get the word out about its revamped menu, which is to launch officially in all of its restaurants by February 2013, reports Sandy D'Elosua. ...Read the whole story

  • More Consumers Churning, But They'd Rather Stay

    More consumers than ever are switching the companies they buy products or services from (particularly if those products or services are wireless phone, Internet or retailing industries), but they are not necessarily happy about it. ...Read the whole story

  • This Holiday, It's Raining Electronics. Or Is It?

    A new report from NPD Group isn't so promising, at least on the more traditional end. Sales in consumer electronics -- which admittedly excludes such hot items as Amazon Kindle products, iPad, Surface, mobile phones, and video games -- slipped 5.6% on Black Friday. ...Read the whole story

  • Boost Celebrates Every December Day With Song

    In an online marketing promotion, the prepaid wireless carrier is offering up Christmas-like carols for every day, turning each of December's 31 days into its own special holiday (as well as acknowledging the special ones already taken, like the 25th). ...Read the whole story

  • Interpublic: Behold The Rise Of The 'Mansumer'

    Now, in a new report, Interpublic's media shop BPN has documented the rise of the "mansumer." A product of the recession, this group is a growing breed of male shoppers that is supplanting their better halves as the "chief buying officers" of their households. ...Read the whole story

  • Gap Pushes Out-of-Home Ads

    With consumer attention dwindling in top markets, Gap has used new and innovative forms of out-of-home media this year to get noticed. That's according to Chris Gayton, senior director marketing and brand management at Gap Inc. ...Read the whole story

  • Volkswagen Tells Human Story With Deutsch

    Volkswagen's challenge for the last decade has been maturing the brand for a new millennium. That sounds epic, but consider where the brand was in the 40 years prior, its fall from grace in the '80s and '90s, and its struggle to find a way back. ...Read the whole story

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