Monday, December 17, 2012
  • High Price For Global Sports Partners

    International sports federations receive more than $2 billion per year in sponsorship, according to the monthly Sponsorship Today, which analyzed more than 400 deals from 52 international sports federations. The results: the average deal value was about $4.6 million. ...Read the whole story

  • Lenovo Offers Ultimate NFL Fan Dream

    To promote the contest, Lenovo partnered with to create a series of videos featuring Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and Chicago Bears RB Matt Forte in which the athletes are confronted by "coaches" about their poor fantasy performances. ...Read the whole story

  • Morton Calls On Pet Owners For Photos

    Morton Salt is introducing an ice melt that is safer for pets' paws and stomachs than traditional melting salt. Called Morton Safe-T-Pet, the granular ice-melting medium is salt- and chloride-free. In conjunction with the product launch, the brand is holding a "Best in Snow" Pet Show photo contest with more than $10,000 in cash and prizes. ...Read the whole story

  • Sierra Nevada Pops Open A New Site

    Sierra Nevada Brewing has a foot in a lot of markets, and since it competes in the niche craft beer arena it doesn't need to do much in the way of advertising. But that doesn't mean it doesn't need to update its Web site now and then. It's been 10 years. ...Read the whole story

  • eHarmony Finds Match With Ocean Media

    Online dating service eHarmony has shifted its media planning and buying assignment to Huntington Beach, CA-based Ocean Media, the agency has confirmed. The incumbent was Omnicom's OMD. ...Read the whole story

  • Who Uses Cascade?

    Top 10 DMAs in which adults have used Cascade Complete dishwasher detergent in the last six months. ...Read the whole story

  • Nissan Names 'Wouldn't It Be Cool' Winners

    Nissan has announced winners of its "Nissan Innovation Garage social media campaign aligned with the brand's "Wouldn't it be Cool," positioning. The winners came up with: A device enabling you to learn in your sleep, and a low-cost system for improving health care in developing countries. ...Read the whole story

  • Static Guard Launches Style Campaign With Soyon An

    B&G Foods division Static Guard, a line of static-eliminating sprays, has teamed up with costume designer and stylist Soyon An, who works on costumes for "American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance" An will be spokesperson for the brand's "Stylist's Secret Weapon" campaign. Throughout the campaign, An will offer tips on styling, while simultaneously touting the Static Guard product. ...Read the whole story

Suffer In Silence

From Oklahoma City to 9/11, from Katrina to Kosovo, certain marketers pushed themselves into public view. Perhaps these companies, and the people within them, just wish to express how deeply sad they are, and happen to ...More