Tuesday, January 29, 2013
  • Pizza Hut Expands Bowl 'Hut' Campaign With Freebie

    These new promotions follow on the campaign's now-closed social/UGC competition, in which consumers submitted 15-second videos that included someone saying "hut" through the pizza chain's Facebook page, for a chance to have their clips included in a pre-Bowl TV spot. ...Read the whole story

  • Competitors, Roles Changing For Telecom Marketers

    "Marketers are realizing [over-the-top communication service] isn't going away, and they're very aware that OTT is going to change the face of their industry," Liz Miller, vice president of programs for the CMO Council, tells "Marketing Daily". "Now, all of a sudden, brands are going to be OTT players." ...Read the whole story

  • Pedigree Enlists Miranda Lambert For Project

    Grammy award-winner Miranda Lambert is teaming with Pedigree to launch a search for the next communities to benefit from an initiative that supplies participating shelters with all of their core dog food needs for free. The Pedigree Feeding Project started last year in Nashville and Chicago. Pedigree chose to focus on where it can make the biggest immediate difference -- cities with an abundance of homeless pets. Already, more than 4,000 shelter dogs are receiving the professional nutrition through the initiative. ...Read the whole story

  • Diet Coke In Multi-Year Deal With Taylor Swift

    Diet Coke's social channels, including Facebook (nearly 2 million "likes"), Twitter (about 240,000 followers) and Instagram, will serve as a "backstage pass," providing access to all of the partnership initiatives. The activations will include "extraordinary" access to Swift online. ...Read the whole story

  • Motorcycle Makers Tune Up For New Riders

    Ty van Hooydonk, director of communications for the Motorcycle Industry Council, says the demand is there. "It does present a value: you can save thousands [of dollars] going from four wheels to two by lowering maintenance and insurance costs while boosting mileage." ...Read the whole story

  • Social Shopper: Is It The Year Of The 'Print Cliff'?

    Chalk it up to one of those industry incongruities: While newspapers have lost something like 30% of readers in the last 20 years, the freestanding inserts that fatten them up are still gaining weight. Is it all about to change for shopper marketing? ...Read the whole story

  • Ford, Honda, Toyota Perception Looks Good

    Toyota, which was in the tank in 2010 from recalls and other issues, did the best last year in reputation recovery. Chrysler saw a strong climb too, after a strong Super Bowl ad campaign and news that the brand was able to repay all bailout loans. ...Read the whole story

Countdown to the Super Bowl

            How far will this man go to save his favorite shirt? Let the guessing begin in today's Super Bowl edition of Out to Launch. ...More

  • Lance Armstrong's Oprah Moment

    Oprah's "magic touch" has a great track record, but considering the cloud of scandal and half-truths encircling Lance, not to mention a fierce public and media backlash, what's left for the former cycling mega star after ...More

  • Get Your Local Marketing House In Order

    There's no time better than the present for a fresh start and to get your local marketing "house" in order to increase top-line business growth in 2013. Following are three must-do tips to help you jumpstart ...More