Wednesday, February 20, 2013
  • Zulily Breaks First TV Campaign

    "There was no specific trigger for us to move into TV now, but we've been hitting lots of milestones, and felt we were ready to start testing TV as our next marketing medium," Jessica Shapiro, director of brand and communications for the company, tells "Marketing Daily." ...Read the whole story

  • Ford Puts Social At Center Of Fiesta Movement Program

    "Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix" will feature 100 "agents" with a big online following. They will be an ethnically diverse group of "vibrant voices and talented storytellers" chosen both for their digital popularity and for having personalities and lifestyles aligning with the Fiesta zeitgeist. ...Read the whole story

  • Honey Maid Site, TV Spots Spotlight Kids' Creativity

    The winner and a parent will travel to New York City to participate in a writer's workshop with "My Weird School" book series author Dan Gutman at HarperCollins's headquarters and work with the author to turn the idea into a real book. ...Read the whole story

  • Market Saturation Impedes Sales In Category

    According to The NPD Group, overall sales for the U.S. consumer technology industry were down 2% in 2012 to just about $143 billion. That decline follows a 1% drop in sales in 2011. Overall, consumer technology sales have declined $4 billion since 2010, according to NPD. ...Read the whole story

  • New Milk Board Campaign: The Natural Rozerem

    The effort, via Huntington Beach, Calif.-based advertising partner Grupo Gallegos, centers on 30-second Spanish-language ads that hold the plot twist -- one doesn't realize that the wildly chromatic, impossible circumstances are actually someone's dreams -- until the end. ...Read the whole story

Facebook's Graph Search Ignites Race To Go Local

Nearby's new mobile discovery functionality has important implications, but did not generate nearly as much buzz as last week's Graph Search announcement. Graph Search elevates the possibilities for local-social marketing to a whole new level. ...More

  • Non-Responders: Before You Cut

    Looking at non-responders and eliminating them from a future targeted marketing campaign seems to be a "best practice." Before you begin cutting down your target list, here are some important factors to consider. ...More