Monday, August 25, 2014
  • Fanta's Vine-Based Comedy Series Draws Teens

    The first episode of "Fanta for the Funny," launched Aug. 15, pulled more than 270,000 views on and YouTube in its first week, reports the brand. In addition, a promotional Vine for the series generated 437,000 loops. ...Read the whole story

  • Emmys Become Engagement Event For Samsung TVs

    Peggy Ang, vice president of marketing communications for Samsung Electronics America, tells "Marketing Daily," "We're just going to have fun, and we're going to connect [with fans] not just with words, but with pictures and video." ...Read the whole story

  • Amid Faltering Sales, Gap Launches 'Dress Normal'

    Themed "Dress Normal," the San Francisco-based retailer says the campaign is a brand rallying cry for individuality, kicking off early next month with such celebrities as Anjelica Huston, Elisabeth Moss, and Jena Malone. ...Read the whole story

  • PUR Uses Self-Important Water Critic In Major Push

    There's nothing like an eccentric mascot to help consumers remember a packaged good or home appliance brand. Most consumers -- depending on their generation -- can rattle off a short list of beloved characters that have become irrevocably linked to products. ...Read the whole story

  • Deschutes Brewery Promotes Top Fan

    A paid social media campaign from Deschutes Brewery promoted its flagship beer, Black Butte Porter, by promoting its unflagging fan, Jimmy Barr. The campaign is the first work from advertising agency TDA_Boulder, Boulder, Colo. ...Read the whole story

  • A Hot, Hot August For The Industry

    May had been the best sales year to date, but marketing firm J.D. Power, with help from its LMC Automotive unit, predicts August new-vehicle retail and total sales will beat even May's volume. ...Read the whole story

    Time For A Happy Ending?

    Ethics are so twentieth century. This is now. Newspapers and magazines are gasping for life; who can afford the luxury of standing on principle? As such, in deciding who gets to work at Emit, one of ...More

    • Should Brands Sell On Facebook?

      I do believe you can intelligently approach selling on Facebook and Twitter. The key is to use digital technology to ensure that the benefits of doing business on them outweigh any costs. ...More