Monday, May 17, 2004
  • As Top Series Molt, Peacock Net Does Some Preening For '04-'05

    What is NBC going to do now that two of its most enduring sitcoms, "Friends" and "Frasier," are history? Will NBC's long-running dominance in adults 18-49 and upscale audiences finally come to an end in 2004-05? Or will Jeff Zucker & Co. come out on top by this time next year? ...Read the whole story

  • '04-'05 Upfront May Have More Of A Spanish Accent

    Last year's Hispanic upfront took in about $1 billion of the $3 billion overall Spanish-language television marketplace--further evidence of the explosive growth of Hispanics in the United States and the television networks that serve them. Most experts don't think the growth will slow down in 2004-05, as more networks come into the market, both on broadcast and cable. ...Read the whole story

  • Media Agency Execs Prove 'Early Adopters' On Consumer Media Technologies

    Media agency executives spend a considerable amount of time debating the impact new media technologies are having on the consumer marketplace, but it seems the real impact so far has been on the media executives themselves. Take digital video recorders (DVRs), or personal video recorders. While only 15.4 percent of consumers say they now "own" such a device, 26.7 percent of media agency executives claim to be a DVR household, according to results of a series of surveys on media technologies and consumption habits by consumers and industry executives conducted by MediaPost and InsightExpress. ...Read the whole story

  • Financial Focus: Discovery Communications

    Discovery Communications Inc.'s revenues rose strongly in the first quarter, primarily on double-digit growth in advertising revenue. ...Read the whole story

Hey PointRoll! If It's Publicity You Wanted, Here It Is

When the horse farted in someone's face, I didn't say a word. I didn't flinch when I saw examples of women shaving product logos into their pubic hair. I didn't really care if bases in MLB ...More