Monday, May 23, 2005
  • News Analysis: Did OMD Blink? Will Cable Upfront Stink?

    Citing unnamed sources, a couple of trade publications Friday reported that ABC has already struck upfront ad deals with at least one major media shop--OMD--for the 2005-06 television season. If true, does the early action signal a stronger-than-expected broadcast upfront? And a weaker cable market? ...Read the whole story

  • ESPN: Late Adopters Don't Want DVRs, Return Them

    Digital video recorders may be increasing the anxiety level on Madison Avenue, but new research released Sunday suggests that DVRs, in fact, may not be for everybody. The research, presented by ESPN's Ed Gordon during the opening session of a CAB conference in Chicago, found that nearly 57 percent of households that participated in a test ultimately returned their DVRs because they did not want them. ...Read the whole story

  • Comcast Finds Free VOD Boom With Kids, NFL

    It's hard to turn down anything for free--and Comcast's users clearly have responded, viewing three times more of its Free Video-on-Demand programming than just a year ago. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Pre-Roll' Proves Best Online Video Ad Format

    Online video ads that roll immediately before the video content are better branding vehicles than other types of online video ads, but "transitional" formats--where ads stream between page views--are more likely to drive purchases, according to new research by rich media company Viewpoint and Dynamic Logic, scheduled to be released today. ...Read the whole story

  • Carat Raids Grey, Euro For Interactive Team

    Carat Interactive today is expected to announce two new top managers: Greg Pomaro, who will become group media director in the San Francisco office; and Gordon Abel, who will be filling the newly created position of director of marketing. ...Read the whole story

The Bursting Blog Bubble

That cosmic crash you heard last Monday was the sound of a million egos collapsing when a new Pew/BuzzMetrics study failed to find inordinate agenda influence by bloggers in the 2004 presidential campaign. But research weenies ...More