Thursday, August 24, 2006
  • Newspapers Call ABC's Consolidated Media Report Unfit For Print, Reveal Their Own

    A day after an influential trade magazine introduced a promising new method for measuring and reporting total audiences of print, digital and online publications, another major print medium - newspapers - raised concerns about that approach and introduced its own. "If this were a media math class, they would flunk," Mike Donatello, director of research at USA Today, quipped in reaction to the Audit Bureau of Circulations new Consolidated Media Report, which purports to measure the gross readership of publications distributed in print and online. ...Read the whole story

  • CBS Fields New Media Buy: Fields

    In an effort to generate water cooler talk for its new shows, CBS has placed its programming brands on, well, water coolers. It recently unveiled plans to crack another new media format: etching promos on eggs. Now the network is harvesting a new, er grassroots media buy, in the hopes of generating some viral buzz for new post nuclear holocaust drama, "Jericho." ...Read the whole story

  • Discovery Explores Online Exchange, Will Attend eBay Pitch

    While top selling executives at networks from NBC to the Hallmark Channel have rejected a proposed online media-buying auction, Discovery Networks' Joe Abruzzese is open. That's why he plans to attend a two-day planning session next month at eBay headquarters to see how the e-Bay-enabled system, known as the e-Media Exchange, would work. His participation is key--both from a participation and advisory standpoint. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen Raises U.S. Household Estimate Slightly

    Nielsen Media Research says the estimated universe of U.S. TV households will inch up 1.1 percent to 111.4 million for the 2006-2007 broadcast season, which begins Sept. 23. Similarly, the estimated number of TV viewers will rise 1.1 percent--to 283.5 million potential viewers, with the largest growth coming from the Southern and Western sections of the U.S. ...Read the whole story

  • Cable Gains In Program Ratings, Wary Of Commercial Ratings

    So what if this season doesn't boast a big broadcast hit? More people are watching TV than in previous summers, Turner Broadcasting's top research executive said Wednesday. It gets better: Ad-supported cable beats the seven broadcast networks by two to one. That, of course, is in terms of Nielsen's traditional program ratings. In regards to Nielsen's new commercial ratings, Jack Wakshlag, chief research officer at Turner, said the cable industry has a number of key concerns. ...Read the whole story

  • GE Exec With No Media Experience Tapped To Run VNU

    In a move symbolic of its shift from its Netherlands-based roots, VNU finally named a new CEO Wednesday morning, tapping an executive from one of the most American corporations: David Calhoun, vice chairman of General Electric Co. Calhoun, who doesn't appear to have any direct experience managing the types of media and marketing research and publishing enterprises that comprise VNU's operations, has been named CEO and chairman of VNU's executive board. ...Read the whole story

What Can We Learn From Katie?

On September 5, 2006 Katie Couric will make broadcast history--not by becoming the anchor of the "CBS Evening News," but by participating in the first network television newscast to metamorphose into a full-featured Internet simulcast. ...More