Tuesday, January 29, 2008
  • Internet Muscle: NBC Buys LX.tv

    Looking to bulk up its Internet TV station content, NBC Universal has bought new-media content producer LX.tv, which will produce original entertainment content for all NBC-owned stations and other local properties. ...Read the whole story

  • Zenith Launches Infomercial Unit

    Sensing growth for long-form advertiser TV commercials, ZenithOptimedia Direct will launch an infomercial division. It makes the half-hour unit costs more affordable and gives advertisers the ability to produce their own programs. ...Read the whole story

  • Current TV Files For IPO With SEC

    In a move sure to cause some heads to shake, Current TV--the network widely identified with founder Al Gore--filed for an IPO with the SEC on Monday. The move comes despite an overall downturn in media stocks, an uncertain future for independent cable networks and some $32 million in losses since 2005. ...Read the whole story

  • The Giant Tightens Its Belt: Clear Channel Cuts Costs

    Clear Channel Radio, the largest radio group in the United States, is feeling the pinch. While it has fared better than most of its competitors, management is clearly concerned. An internal memo from CEO John Hogan ordered some fairly drastic measures: a freeze on new hires and cutting out research and ad spending entirely for the remainder of the first quarter. ...Read the whole story

  • Agency Finds TV Retains Viewers, For Now

    Did the writers' strike change TV viewers' behavior? The majority of prime-time viewers are watching the same amount of TV. The real test may be coming. If TV viewers can't find their favorite shows in the coming weeks and months, 54% said they would go to the Internet, and 51% said they would channel-surf. ...Read the whole story

  • Verizon's FiOS TV Hits 1 Million Mark

    Competing cable operators say Verizon's telco TV offering is peeling away customers. The company said Monday it now has more than 1 million subscribers after less than three years on the market, placing it among the top 10 MSOs. ...Read the whole story

  • Investors: New York Times Co. Must Change Course

    Dissatisfied with the current management, two big New York Times Company shareholders said they will submit their own proposals for four appointments to the company's board of directors on April 22. ...Read the whole story

  • Ion To Replace 'Who's The Boss' With 'Baywatch'

    The ION network, which offers back-to-back episodes of "Who's the Boss" in its 10 PM hour four nights a week, will replace it with former syndication hit "Baywatch" in March. ...Read the whole story