Wednesday, June 25, 2008
  • TiVo, TRA To Measure Purchases Based On Ad Exposure

    TiVo said Tuesday it has reached an agreement with a marketing research firm that aims to gauge how its user base makes household purchasing decisions based on ad exposure. The goal is to determine how ad fast-forwarding affects buying. ...Read the whole story

  • Site Unseen: 'Low-Interest Advertisers' Must Master Web Sales

    The head of Mediaedge:cia's North American operations said Tuesday that packaged-goods and similar "low interest" advertisers still have considerable work to do in figuring out the most effective use of the Internet. ...Read the whole story

  • Level Playing Field: Internet No Threat To TV, Newspapers

    A top researcher in the digital future space offered an intriguing theory Tuesday as to why TV will continue to be a flourishing medium: the downfall of dial-up. The logic: when dial-up was the principal means of accessing the Internet, people spent more time away from the TV screen; now with broadband, they are spending more time in front of it. ...Read the whole story

  • NYT Appoints Paul Smurl Ad VP

    Paul Smurl has been named vice president of advertising at The New York Times, the newspaper's publishers announced earlier this week. He will lead sales development, agency relations and presentations, strategy and planning. He reports to Denise Warren, the senior vice president of advertising for the NYT Media Group. ...Read the whole story

  • Who's Lion? The Real Truth Behind Cannes Media Award

    "We did develop [the technology] for use by agencies," says David Palinchock, chairman of BEL. "It had not been used that way before SS+K; they and MSNBC helped catapult it by being first to use it in cinemas." Meanwhile, Volvo's agency won a Bronze Lion for its interactive cinema marketing program. ...Read the whole story

  • Overexposed: Kids See Too Many Alcohol Ads On Cable

    Alcohol TV commercials are on the rise -- and more young people are being exposed to them, especially on cable programs. Eleven specific brands are responsible for 48.5 percent of the youth exposure to advertising. ...Read the whole story

Media X: America, By George

The comic who mesmerized me in my youth, mesmerized my son with his seven interesting words bit. His name was George Carlin, and he was one of our greatest social commentators. He was also the most ...More