Monday, May 7, 2012
  • Advertisers Want More Data on Tablet Readership

    As publishers and advertisers scramble to keep up with the surge of interest in tablet computers and digital publications, big trade organizations are hurrying to ensure that the interests of their constituents are represented. Last week the American Association of Advertising Agencies sent an open letter to the MPA asking publishers to provide more specific information to advertisers about digital magazine readership on tablets. ...Read the whole story

  • ABC, Univision To Create New TV News Network, Venture

    Rare are those TV efforts that intend to start up new traditional television networks these days -- but ABC News and Univision News plan to achieve this with a new English-language news channel targeting bilingual Hispanic-Americans. ...Read the whole story

  • WaPo Revenues Fall

    Last week brought more bad news for the newspaper business, with the Washington Post Co. announcing that total revenues fell 7% from $1.04 billion in the first quarter of 2011 to $973 million in the first quarter of 2012, due to declines at its newspaper publishing and education divisions, while its cable TV division remained flat. Revenues increased at its broadcast TV division, but not enough to offset losses elsewhere. ...Read the whole story

  • Y&R Helps Argentina Politicize Olympics

    Y&R Buenos Aires, part of the WPP global ad agency network, has created a controversial and highly politicized Olympic ad that has enraged the shop's parents in New York and London. WPP CEO Martin Sorrell was quoted by British press as saying the company will investigate the matter. ...Read the whole story

  • Pay TV Revenue Will Grow, Subscribers May Not

    Subscription TV -- which accounts for 90% of all U.S. TV homes -- will continue to grow in total revenue in the coming years, largely as a result of consumers adding programming and services to their cable, satellite and telco video packages -- not adding more subscribers. ...Read the whole story

  • As WPP Profits Soar, So Does Sorrell's Paycheck

    WPP had a very good year in 2011, with profits up 43%. And so did the company's CEO, Sir Martin Sorrell. His pay package soared as well, up 60% to about $11 million, according to recently filed company documents. In addition, Sorrell received a roughly $950,000 contribution to his company pension. ...Read the whole story

  • Family-Friendly Ad Group Starts Print Campaign

    Looking to push more family-friendly prime-time TV programming, the Alliance for Family Entertainment, backed by 23 major advertisers, is starting up a print advertising campaign this month to coincide with the TV network upfront presentations. The group will run a print ad "open letter" that states: "high quality, relevant family TV shows are proven winners with viewers, advertisers and the networks." ...Read the whole story

  • CBS Looks To Centralize Social Media Interaction

    CBS is trying to establish a social media locus for conversation and interaction related to its programming across all dayparts as networks look to establish second-screen applications. "CBS Connect" looks to aggregate tweets and Facebook updates for programs ranging from "Price Is Right" to "Person of Interest." ...Read the whole story