• Q&A: Why Brick-and-Mortar Stores Should Pay Less

    "Since retailers bear the cost, it's fair to ask for a price of 10% less than what Web retailers pay," Rafi Mohammed tells Marketing Daily. I just think it's time for manufacturers to compensate physical retailers for the value they bring to the sales proposition." He adds that his proposition is driven by the success of mobile. ...Read the whole story

  • AT&T Adds 4 Million iPhones But Wireless Growth Slows

    In its fourth-quarter earnings release today, AT&T touted a record 2.8 million net wireless customers added during the period. But only 400,000 of those were new contract subscribers -- the most valuable type of customers coveted by wireless operators. What's more, that total was less than a third of the 1.3 million added a year ago and didn't meet Wall Street expectations. ...Read the whole story

  • Kellogg Crunchy Nut: Taste As #1 Message

    "We're kind of debunking the notion that only children want great-tasting cereal," says Derek Sherman, executive creative director for Kellogg's long-time creative agency, Leo Burnett. "This is definitely an adult, non-decadent breakfast cereal, but our message is that it's a joyful experience. We looked for a humorous way of conveying this to an adult audience that also fits with Kellogg's well-established positive, optimistic brand voice." ...Read the whole story

  • Survey: Almost Half Of Mobile App Users Click Ads By Mistake

    Ever accidentally launch a mobile ad while navigating an app? You're not alone, according to a new survey from lead-gen agency Pontiflex and Harris Interactive. The study found that nearly half (47%) of mobile app users have clicked or tapped ads by mistake more often than on purpose. ...Read the whole story

  • ANA, MMA: 88% Plan To Use Mobile This Year

    Moreover, a full three-quarters of those marketers said they'll increase their spending (by an average of 59%) in the coming year. Of the 97 qualified respondents surveyed, 62% said they had already used some form of mobile marketing, while another 26% said they planned to begin doing so this year. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen: Williams, White, Bradshaw Top Endorsers

    Sports are a good way to reach affluent consumers, according to Nielsen's review of 2010 professional sports popularity and marketing activity. It is also a good way to reach mobile-media mavens. The firm found that visits to pro-sports sites by mobile Internet users was up 38% last year versus 2009 and that 84% of iPhone app downloaders have downloaded at least one free sports app. ...Read the whole story

  • Q&A: Groupon Mobile Chief Mihir Shah

    If Groupon wasn't already widely recognized as one of the country's fastest-growing companies, the $950 million the deal-sharing site raised earlier this month put an exclamation point on it with its rapid rise. As part of its expansion, Groupon last spring acquired mobile startup Mob.ly, headed by Mihir Shah, former senior director of product management at Yahoo. As vice president and general manager of mobile at Groupon, he now leads the company's mobile efforts. We caught up with Shah recently to ask about what's happening at the company on the all-important mobile front. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Puts Resources Behind U.S. Hispanic Market

    Google has created a "specialist team" to focus on the U.S. Hispanic market. John Farrell, general manager, Google Mexico, told MediaPost Thursday, the Mountain View, Calif., company developed a "methodical approach" to developing best practices that will help advertisers across all industries do a better job connecting with this market segment across search, display and mobile platforms. ...Read the whole story

Social Media and the Cell Phone

I, as many other college students do, am constantly checking what is happening in my friends' lives on Facebook. I check in between classes, after classes, and before I go to bed at the least. Times are changing though, and now we are not even restricted to seeing what our friends are doing from [...] ...More

  • A Generational Disappointment

    There is a very important detail about my life that I felt obligated to share with all of you for my first post. I currently own a $15.00 cell phone from Walmart. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my hidden treasure came fully equip with T9 capabilities and.... that's about [...] ...More

  • Just-in-Time is Getting Just-in-Timier Everyday

    In its most recent earnings call, Google talked about the success of its click-to-call ads, which are apparently "generating millions of calls every month." By all reports, click-to-call in search results are most successful on mobile platforms, which makes sense. When combined with other mobile-oriented search ad options offered by Google, such as the map-plus box, location extensions, and the recently added coupon offerings, just-in-time search is getting a lot more just-in-timier. I recently saw some of this trend in action. ...More

  • The (Waning) Empires Strike Back

    Whatever missteps Sony has taken in its current generation of console and handheld gaming units (and there are many) the company still has the capacity to dazzle. Yesterday in Tokyo, Sony unveiled the long-awaited successor to its Playstation Portable (PSP), a totally tricked-out hunk of metal codenamed NGP. The impact of the smartphone revolution can be felt just from the specs of this next-gen handheld gaming unit. Its 5-inch OLED display has touch controls both on the front and back for a new style of touch gaming. The innards are direct ports of the latest smartphone standards: built-in 3G, GPS, ...More

  • Shoppers With Cyber Stuff Have a Leg Up on Retail Sales Associates

    The latest installment of the Motorola Solutions annual holiday study indicates that the majority of surveyed retail associates believe that shoppers were better connected to consumer information than in-store associates, driven by increasing availability of online shopping tools and mobile phone applications that allow price comparisons, access to coupons and social-networking. The survey found that retailers that aren't investing in technology to stay ahead of increasingly tech-savvy shoppers are hurting their own bottom line. ...More