Thursday, February 23, 2012
  • Forecast: Google Display Ad Revs To Beat Facebook

    In 2013, eMarketer anticipates that Google's U.S. display revenues will grow 45.3% to $3.68 billion, while Facebook's will grow 27.6% to $3.29 billion. eMarketer principal analyst David Hallerman attributes Google's astonishing success to a thriving mobile display business, YouTube's expanding role as a venue for premium display inventory, and strong growth from the company's DoubleClick ad network. ...Read the whole story

  • Twitter Taps Former Google Execs To Propel International Expansion

    Twitter's international focus grew Thursday with the appointment of two former Google execs. Shailesh Rao will serve as Twitter's vice president of international revenue, while Stephen McIntyre will support international expansion of Twitter's self-serve ad platform, which it plans to roll out in the U.S. next month. ...Read the whole story

  • Yahoo Rallies For Better Search Metrics

    Traditional metrics to measure searches don't work well with tools like Google Instant and Yahoo Search Direct, or with emerging technologies like voice and gesture. Until now, the industry has relied on data firms like comScore, but Shashi Seth, senior vice president of search products at Yahoo, believes the problem represents deeper issues and the responsibility should be with execs at the largest engines. ...Read the whole story

  • Android Surges On Millennial Network, Apple Top Manufacturer

    Full-year data released by mobile ad network Millennial Media underscores how dramatically Android expanded in 2011 -- at the expense of Apple's iOS platform. Android impressions increased more than 500% on the network, propelling the Google mobile operating system from 33% to 47% share of all impressions. ...Read the whole story

  • Verizon Targets Young Professionals

    Verizon is targeting what it calls "trend-setting young professionals" who live in apartments and condominiums in four major markets via a hyperlocal FiOS campaign. The multimedia effort was tested in a metro-Washington D.C. pilot last fall and is now being rolled out in the New York, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. ...Read the whole story

  • Watchdogs Ask FCC To Scuttle Verizon's Spectrum Deal

    Verizon's planned alliance with three cable companies will undermine competition and harm consumers, advocacy groups argue in petitions filed with the Federal Communications Commission. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Use, Apps Soar, Tablets Gain Traction

    comScore's "Mobile Future' report noted that mobile media use -- defined as browsing the mobile Web, accessing applications, or downloading content --- has surpassed the 50% level in many markets. ...Read the whole story

  • Chase Invests In Mobile Startup GoPago

    JPMorgan Chase has made an undisclosed investment in mobile payments service GoPago, whose app enables users to pay for goods and services at local stores. GoPago rolled out its app -- available on the iPhone and Android and BlackBerry devices -- last August with more than 50 participating merchants, ...Read the whole story

  • Key 18-34 Demo Major Mobile, Online Video Users
    Could Kindle Fire Be Amazon's iPod?

    Amazon's Kindle Fire has grown the number of app downloads in the Amazon Android Appstore exponentially in recent months. But I have to wonder if the online retailer will see even broader benefits from the F ...More

    • Memo To Mark Zuckerberg: Bring It!

      Mark, I wanted to draw attention to the fact that you are the king of mocial (mobile/social as I call it). Next to weather and things like catapulted avians, in terms of share of consumer attention ...More

    • Tablets Deliver On The Moment Of Truth

      Jim Kruger, digital and social media manager at Buick, told OMMA Tablet Revolution conference attendees Thursday that tablets give brands the opportunity to reach a whole new generation of tech-savvy buyers and early adopters of technology. ...More