Tuesday, March 27, 2012
  • Twitter Launches Self-Serve Advertising For Small Biz

    Twitter says a select group of small businessrs can begin using its self-serve advertising platform to create promoted tweets and promoted accounts. ...Read the whole story

  • Smartphone Use In Shopping Increasing

    Perception Research Services International (PRS), in new research, says ownership of smartphones is rapidly approaching levels of traditional mobile phones (36% versus 53%), and most smartphone owners (83%) use them while shopping for boh big-ticket items and groceries. The research -- conducted in May 2011 among 1,500 consumers drawn from a nationally representative online sample of adults ages 18 or older who are responsible for at least half of household shopping -- says users go to their smartphones during the decision-making process (comparing prices, gathering product information, searching for sales/coupons or reading reviews/opinions), and about one-third make actual purchases with ... ...Read the whole story

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  • Best Practices In Mobile Video Advertising

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