Wednesday, April 4, 2012
  • Google Finds Channel Attribution Useful, But Misunderstood

    More than half of marketers responding to a survey on the impact of attribution said that understanding the path to conversion allows them to more accurately disburse budgets, per a Google Analytics study. Fifty-two percent of client-side marketers report that attribution has led to an increase in spending on some digital channels, while 72% of marketers say that attribution leads to better ROI. ...Read the whole story

  • Comedy Sites, Apps Increase Video Time

    Despite its strong video presence, YouTube continues to trail rivals in key areas -- advertising, for one, as Hulu attracted more than 1.5 billion video ad impressions in February compared to YouTube's roughly 1 billion, according to comScore. New research shows that several video properties -- led by,, and -- led YouTube in "return rates." . ...Read the whole story

  • Online Radio Moving Up The Charts

    Online radio is the fastest-growing music-listening category among U.S. consumers, according to new findings from NPD Group. The market research firm found 43% of U.S. Web users in 2011 chose to listen to music via Pandora, Slacker, Yahoo Music and other online radio services, up nine percentage points from 2010. Traditional AM/FM radio remained steady. ...Read the whole story

  • TRUSTe Unveils Mobile Targeting, Opt-Out Tool

    TRUSTe is unveiling a new tool that mobile companies will use to target iPhone and Android users, while also enabling consumers to opt out of receiving in-app ads targeted based on their activity. ...Read the whole story

  • ACTV8 Powers Fox Show Apps, which powers second-screen interactivity synced with TV content, will launch apps linked with Fox shows such as "New Girl." Fox has also taken an undisclosed stake in the company. ...Read the whole story

  • Samsung to Open Mobile Ad Exchange

    Samsung ups its mobile game against both Google and Apple with the announcement this week of the AdHub real-time bidding private exchange for mobile developers and advertisers. The exchange will serve targeted ads into smartphone and tablet inventory. ...Read the whole story

  • comScore: Android Captures Majority Share of Smartphone Platforms

    The Android operating system now occupies half of the smartphones phones in the U.S., according to comScore. Already on an accelerated growth path, mobile content usage across every categories also saw increases. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Bosses Grouse About Workers Tweeting Day Away The Telegraph

      Nearly half of business owners are concerned about their employees using work time to tweet and another 15% are "very concerned" about time wasting. In the same survey, 63% of workers said they spend a brief amount of time on Twitter. One businessman said the company finds it ever more difficult to enforce bans against the use of social network sites. Worse still, some workers phone in sick then post about going to the shops, putting co-workers who follow them in a bind. ...Read the whole story

    McLuhan Was 20% Right

    If content is king, then context is the power that lies behind the throne. But context is about more than medium; it's a multifaceted reality. ...More

    • A China Approach To Targeted Mobile Marketing

      The obsession with all things Apple holds true in China, where marketers and media target the affluent segments that can afford the costlier iPhones and iPads. ...More

    • Mobile Complicating Path To Conversion

      A shift by consumers to use multiple devices to research and make purchases continues to add complexity for advertisers and retailers who thought they understood the path to conversion for their product lines. ...More