• Location Services Most Wanted Mobile Feature

    A new study from TNS identifies location-based services (LBS) as the function mobile users worldwide are most interested in using on their devices. As part of its annual Mobile Life study, the media research firm found almost a fifth of the world's 6 billion mobile users are already using LBS, with many of the non-users aspiring to do so in the future. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Introduces Drive, A Cloud Storage Service

    Google's latest: Google Drive, a place in the cloud where consumers and marketers can share stuff. It allows users to search by keyword and filter by file type. The technology can recognize text in scanned documents using optical character recognition technology, as well as image recognition. Google Docs on the Drive lets people collaborate on projects in real time in documents, spreadsheets and presentations. ...Read the whole story

  • Big Tablet Sales Push Video, App Downloads

    Worldwide global tablet sales will reach 232 million units in 2016, up from 64 million units in 2011, per the Tablet Technology and Markets report from Futuresource Consulting. It estimates a 200% increase for consumer use across the United States and Western Europe during the next two years. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple Sells 35M iPhones, Beats Expectations

    Despite investor concerns, Apple beat analyst expectations for revenue and profits in the first three months of 2012 on continued strong sales of iPhones and iPads. ...Read the whole story

  • Instagram's iPhone Success Story

    According to app analytics firm Distimo, Instagram has enjoyed a phenomenal growth curve -- not only in downloads, but in user photo sharing activity. People appear to use the photo-editing and sharing app more over time. ...Read the whole story

The Search Is On: Mobile

As desktop Web habits migrate to the smartphone, search has become a focus for marketers. New research from Chitika Insights demonstrates the power of location in the new habits of mobile search. ...More

  • Fickle "Digital Natives" Switch Platforms Every Other Minute

    According to a new study from Time Inc. titled "A Biometric Day in the Life" shows how the proliferation of digital devices and platforms would affect the media consumption habits of consumers who grew up with mobile technology as part of their everyday lives ("Digital Natives,") versus those who first learned about mobile technology in their adult lives ("Digital Immigrants"). Digital Natives switch their attention between media platforms (i.e. TVs, magazines, tablets, smartphones or channels within platforms) 27 times per hour, about every other minute! ...More

  • Search Feud Squares Off At Search Insider Summit, Revealing A Changing Industry

    In five years, what search engine will become your default, and what industry vertical will eventually benefit most from ads integrated with voice search? These and other questions for execs at platform providers, agencies, and brands during the search feud game at the MediaPost Search Insider Summit on Monday, led by Kenshoo CMO Aaron Goldman, provide insight into the mindset of search engine marketers. ...More