Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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  • Are Tablets Stuck In The Bedroom?eMarketer

    eMarketer points to a Q1 2012 study from Viacom that suggests tablet owners use their devices 74% of the time at home. The study finds that tablet owners are most likely to use their devices for entertainment while waiting at an airport or in an airplane when outside the home. Some 36% use their devices in a store. The analysis suggests that tablets do not have the same mobile shopping draw as smartphones. While the study does not explore the why, the most logical reason might be the cost for multiple cellular service agreements. The tablet would transition from the ... ...Read the whole story

  • Why Magazine Apps Don't Really Work Technology Review
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  • Can Video App Makers Cash Out Like Instagram?The Wall Street Journal
Retailers: Make Friends with Showrooming

Retailers need to embrace rather than resist consumer 'showrooming' as an opportunity to help the buyer bridge real and digital worlds in the increasingly complex purchasing decision process. The 'Amazon effect' happens when the retailer fails ...More

  • The Money And The Numbers In Mobile

    A mid-year spot check on the state of mobile marketing spend shows that investment is now being measured in billions not millions of dollars. Some sectors such as mobile payments are accelerating at a double and ...More