Friday, June 1, 2012
  • Facebook Rolls Out Promoted Posts, New Page Tools

    Facebook is taking steps to boost ad spending directly through brand pages, while also giving marketers new tools for managing their presence on the social network. The social network has rolled out promoted posts to extend the reach of page content, as well as providing companies different access levels to their Facebook pages internally. ...Read the whole story

  • Shopkick's Jeff Sellinger: Apps Drive Engagement

    Since launching almost two years ago, the shopkick app has gained more than 3 million active users who use it to earn points for rewards and discounts at national retailers. 'Online Media Daily' caught up with shopkick co-founder and Chief Product Officer Jeff Sellinger about the brand side of the business. ...Read the whole story

  • Quri Assembles Mobile Army Of In-Store Auditors

    An army of secret shoppers and brand auditors are being empowered by a new app from Quri. In exchange for cash, shoppers take on specific assignments to deliver real-time data to brands about how they are being priced and positioned at retail. ...Read the whole story

  • PayPal Launches M-Payment Tiny Trial App in UK

    PayPal's relentless attempt to pre-empt NFC-enabled mobile payment systems continues with an m-payment app in the UK. Cashiers can scan a barcode from a PayPal app to get paid. ...Read the whole story

  • Online Video Users To Nearly Double By 2016

    Nearly 800 million people consumed Web videos last year -- a total that will close to double in four years to 1.5 billion, according to networking services giant Cisco. On an individual level, nearly all of those people will be consuming more video than they are today. Meanwhile, online video already accounts for more than half of all Internet traffic. ...Read the whole story

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Yahoo Gains in Mobile, Works Through Challenges

Yahoo estimates it will get 20% of its search traffic from mobile devices before the end of 2012, according to Shashi Seth, Yahoo Connections SVP. That insight was gleaned during an analyst call about the company's ...More

  • Teens Still Into Bedroom TV Viewing

    According to Nielsen, 12-17 year olds represent an outsized share of game console usage, more than triple that of their share of TV or DVR usage, and watching or playing just about anywhere in the home, ...More