• Report: Apple To Replace UDID For Tracking

    According to a "WSJ" report, Apple plans to offer its app developers an alternative mobile user tracking tool as it discourages reliance on the device UDID. ...Read the whole story

  • Jack Daniels Revamps Site, Preps New Ad Campaign

    "... consumer habits have changed," Carmen D'Ascendis, director of global marketing for Jack Daniels, tells "Marketing Daily." "Just 11% of our site viewers were coming from mobile and tablets, and we wanted to address that." ...Read the whole story

  • Mojiva Debuts Ad-Serving Platform For Ad Networks

    Newly public companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Pandora have underscored the need for social networks and Web publishers to monetize a growing influx of mobile traffic. But online ad networks are facing the same challenge with a rising share of impressions coming from mobile devices. To address that demand, Mojiva's Mocean Mobile division has rolled out a new mobile ad-serving service geared specifically to ad networks. ...Read the whole story

  • Tablet Usage Explodes, Changes Digital Habits

    Giving brands a big screen on which to reach mobile consumers, tablets have officially reached a critical mass in the United States. As comScore reports, one in every four smartphone owners -- i.e., connected, higher-income consumers -- reported using tablets during the three-month average period ending April 2012. ...Read the whole story

Apple's iOS Commands A Lotta Bits Of Loyalty

Software developers may chafe at the iron-fisted rule Apple exerts over the apps it purveys in its App Store but they love the fact that Apple maintains strong control over the hardware and software that run its devices because it's far easier to produce and test an app for the iOS than it is for Android devices. That dichotomy is one compelling reason why Apple still commands the loyalty of developers even though Android hardware outsells Apple by 59% to 23% in the smartphone market, as Nick Wingfield and Brian X. Chen make clear in the New York Times this ...More

  • Mobile Shopping For A Car

    According to the latest MAG research, 50% of respondents expressed interest in using their mobile phone to research buying or leasing a vehicle. When in the market to buy or lease a new vehicle, nearly half (47%) of consumers said that they would find mobile advertisements containing deals or offers most valuable to them ...More

  • Targeting Activity, Not Just People

    In a world of apps, we have the opportunity to craft advertising that enhances interactivity rather than merely interrupts it. The trick will be building integrated ads that still enhance in-app experiences while also achieving scale. ...More