Tuesday, June 26, 2012
  • Agency Execs Ready For Facebook Ad Network

    The extension of Facebook ads to Zynga signals the company's continuing effort to monetize its user base of nearly 1 billion worldwide, says Pivotal Research. The news comes on the heels of Facebook announcing plans to launch a real-time-bid ad exchange allowing marketers to retarget ads to people on Facebook, based on their Web browsing history. ...Read the whole story

  • Report: Google Tablet Aiming At Kindle Fire, Not iPad

    Gizmodo Australia claims to have seen training documents for an upcoming Google branded tablet that will have a 7-inch display and be priced to compete directly with Amazon's Kindle Fire. ...Read the whole story

  • Mindshare's Young Is Focused On Data, Clients, Choices

    Big data, big clients -- and someday soon, big mobile. Those are just a few of the items high on the priority list of Antony Young, who joined Mindshare as North American CEO nearly nine months ago. He made several reorganizational moves recently to ensure that the agency is keenly focused on clients and potential new business. ...Read the whole story

  • Tablet, Mobile Video Viewing Growing

    "It started out as a novelty, but actually watching paid content on a mobile device was a new idea," Frank Perazzini, director of telecommunications at J.D. Power, tells "Marketing Daily." "But the iPad and Kindle Fire have changed the game in this area." ...Read the whole story

  • Mobext Debuts Mobile Messaging Service

    Mobext, the mobile marketing arm of Havas Digital, has launched its own text-messaging service to make it easier for clients to run messaging campaigns across multiple markets globally. The technology, dubbed "Simplified Automated Messaging" (SAM) is designed to roll out mobile text campaigns quickly across regions. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Pay-Per-Call Services May Revisit Billing

    Some pay-per-call advertising providers only bill for 25% of calls; Telmetrics says a minimum of 60% of all calls generated are billable, high-quality leads. That could put money on the table for companies supporting those calls. ...Read the whole story

Just What We Need, Phun Phacebook Phones

The poorly sourced rumors of a RIM break-up notwithstanding, we continue to hear that supposed suitors Amazon and Facebook want to build phones. Anyone remember the G1 or ESPN phone? ...More

  • Media Influence On Purchase Decisions

    According to The Media Comparisons Study, from TVB with Knowledge Networks, consumers credit TV ads as most influential in making a purchase decision. Television reaches more people, and people spend significantly more time with television each ...More

  • Will Google-Branded Nexus 7 Tablet Attract More Online Ad Dollars?

    By the end of this week, advertisers will think smartphones are passe after the Google Nexus 7 tablet with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean debut at the I/O conference. No confirmation from Google, but Gizmodo Australia allegedly ...More