Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Stop & Shop & Scan: Grocery Retailer Gets Mobile Proactive

Big data comes to Aisle 3. Stop & Shop is actively encouraging customers to scan groceries as they shop in order to integrate offers and reduce checkout costs. ...More

  • London 2012 - Ultimate Disruption?

    With all the shenanigans over in London right now surrounding the Olympic games, it's inevitable that the lives of Londoners and those in towns and cities impacted by the Games are turned upside down in a ...More

  • Should Texting And Walking Be Banned?

    I'm not sure there are any nationwide or global studies on the dangers of texting while walking, but regional and anecdotal evidence is mounting. The volume of news reports and legal posturing is growing as well, ...More

  • Tapjoy Acquires Viximo's Team