To App Or Not To App?

For brands looking to enter the mobile space, the question of whether to develop a native app or create a mobile Web page is a hot topic. A critical mass of consumers now engage with brands on their mobile devices, so companies need a simple and straightforward mobile strategy. ...More

  • Rereading Old Media...In the Dark

    The most fascinating part of radical media change is the way in which new formats make us reconsider old ones and old media is at times refreshed and redefined by the new. ...More

  • Disintermediation Of A New, More Connected World

    On Monday, one of the byproducts of disintermediation hit me with the force of, well -- a hurricane, to be exact. We are more connected globally than ever before. This Monday and Tuesday, three different online services I use went down because of Sandy. They all had data centers on the East Coast.Disintermediation means centralization, which means that we will have more contact with people and businesses that spread across the globe. ...More