A Less Polished Apple? Impressions From A Mall Crawl

In my mind, Apple is mindfully ceding part of the tablet market to others in its pricing of the Mini. And consumer willingness to think beyond the Apple hype was evident to me at my local mall. ...More

  • The Mobile Video Landscape: What Brands Should Consider

    Countless studies have shown growth for mobile video, both in tablets and smartphones. For instance, eMarketer forecasts double-digit growth for video consumption among smartphone users through 2015. And a recent study from Keynote Competitive Research showed that 76% of tablet users watch video on their devices. But while user consumption is seeing rapid growth, it's still unclear what role brands and advertisers will play in mobile video. ...More

  • Sandy's Lesson: Improve Infrastructure, Utilize Technology To Mitigate Damage

    While it is impossible to manage the unpredictable impact of a natural disaster, improving infrastructure and internal systems at every level and using technology to monitor and provide services can mitigate some of the physical, economic and personal toll. ...More